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Leading From The Middle

A leadership development resource book

Language:  English
A key resource for aspiring leaders, it contains learning exercises and information for middle managers who want to increase their influence. Relevant to all sectors.
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A leadership resource book, which brings learning exercises, information and tips to busy managers. This book from the authors of ‘Voices from the Middle’ provides practical resources for individual, team and organisational learning. Relevant to all sectors, but of particular interest to public sector and not for profit organisations. 

‘Leading from the Middle’ illustrates a proven approach to developing mid level professionals and is a valuable source of practical learning for aspiring leaders. The book brings a refreshing approach to organisational development by showcasing the influence and contribution of middle managers to organisational strategy and cultural development. A combination of practical and theoretical material encourages mid level professionals to innovate and lead change. All models, exercises and leadership tools have been tested with participants on Skyline Leadership programmes.

  1. Individual leadership and learning 
  2. Life in the middle 
  3. Forms of influence for middle managers: a self-assessment tool 
  4. Planning my influence strategy 
  5. A new landscape for middle managers 
  6. The advantages of collaboration 
  7. Influencing multiple stakeholders 
  8. Forms of leadership 
  9. New forms of leadership 
  10. Strategic tools for leaders in the middle 
  11. How to ensure your voice is heard 
  12. Reference list 
About the Authors

Dr Sally Watson

Maggie Shannon