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In Focus: The Battle Against Dull Online Learning

19m 38s
Language:  English
Juliette Denny, of Growth Engineering, has made it her mission to eradicate dull online learning. Here she explains how to get the most out of learning, increase engagement and make learning stick.
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We’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many more people working from home. This creates many opportunities for online learning. But with more people working remotely, there is a danger of people being overwhelmed with online content, such as team meetings and shared documents, to the extent that online learning gets lost in the noise. One of the challenges that organisations face as they bring people back into the workplace is re-induction, and of course there are new health and safety guidelines to consider. What is online learning’s role in supporting all this? Listen as Juliette Denny gives her perspectives. 

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