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In Focus: How Humour Enhances Business Life

18m 47s
Language:  English
Paul Boross has worked with clients such as the BBC, Google, The Financial Times, Royal Bank of Scotland and MTV. Listen as he discusses how a sense of humour can enhance every facet of business life.
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Paul Boross is an inspirational business psychologist and humourologist who packs a punchline.

Paul - aka The Pitch Doctor - has refined the art of making corporate audiences laugh while they learn, communicating the most vital messages at an emotional level that stays with people, long after the event comes to a close.Drawing on a career that has taken him from primetime TV, music and stand-up comedy to business, consultancy and motivational psychology, he trains celebrities and executives in the art and craft of communication.Paul’s frontline experience of performance at London’s legendary Comedy Store and strong commercial instincts enable him to deliver focused and effective training to clients from across the industry spectrum, from the BBC to Barclays via Google, Nestlé, WPP, Virgin and MTV.Paul is a much in demand international keynote speaker and his four bestselling books continue to sit high in the charts. Later this year, his fifth book Humourology – The Serious Business of Comedy at Work, will be released with contributions by some of the world’s most renowned business leaders and comedians.

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