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How to influence organisational change

A strategic tool kit for middle managers

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A strategic resource book for mid level professionals who want to influence organisational change.
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A strategic resource book, which brings learning exercises, information and practical tips to busy managers. This book from the authors of ‘Voices from the Middle’ and ‘ Leading from the Middle’ provides strategic tools to build the confidence and capability in middle managers and mid level professionals. The material is relevant to all sectors and levels of management.

All exercises and tools in this book have been well tested with middle managers and mid level professionals. This book is a valuable resource for aspiring leaders who wish to develop their strategic capability and influence the direction of their organisation. The book brings a refreshing approach to organisational development by showcasing the influence and contribution of middle managers to business strategy.

About the authors

Maggie’s background is in social housing, where she has held senior executive positions. She has expertise in leading organisations through periods of change and growth, developing positive cultures and supportive working environments. Maggie now works with organisations and individuals to develop their leadership capability. She is interested in helping people achieve their potential and has a strong track record in successfully coaching clients to achieve their goals.

Sally’ s background is in executive education and development working with a diverse range of organisations and businesses. She has considerable experience in designing, directing and delivering leadership development programmes that are aligned to organisational mission and strategy. Sally is a visiting professorial fellow at Lancaster University and is passionate about learning from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

  1. What is my current strategic capability?
  2. How do I grow my influence and facilitate change? 
  3. How to use a strategic tool kit 
  4. Organisational case studies 
  5. How to ensure your voice is heard 
About the Authors

Dr Sally Watson

Maggie Shannon