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How to Draft and Implement an Employee Handbook

Lawfully Proof your Organisation

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This book will help organizations to develop and implement an employee handbook into their daily work processes. The result will be a completely clear HR policy in a lawfully proof organization.
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This book will help organizations to develop and implement an employee handbook into their daily processes. It will offer the tools to set up the document with the right content and how to implement it. The result will be the implementation of a sound and comprehensive HR policy. The employee handbook will function as a guide with uniform and clear agreements of (internal) business rules and rules of conduct, as well as obligations for employer and employee. This will become a blessing for your organization and employees; your efforts will be rewarded.

About the Author

The author is Sharon Oost, an HR Business Partner with 10+ years of HR experience in profitable organizations who operate internationally. She developed and implemented an HR structure in several international organizations, whilst always being mindful of the best interests of, and balance between, employer and employee. She believes in a-down-to earth approach and communication which is understandable for all parties, implementing a clear vision of structure, overview, strategy and legislation. Sharon was born and raised in the Netherlands.

  • Biography
  • Overview
  1. Introduction
  2. Evaluation of the current situation
    1. Current terms and conditions
    2. Labour law and other legislations
  3. Content of the employee handbook
    1. Introduction
    2. Reporting of change in personnel data
    3. Inhouse policies
    4. Announcement of new legal requirements
    5. Performance management
    6. Culture and behavioural
    7. Sick leave and absenteeism
    8. Safety policy
    9. Working from home
    10. Protection of privacy and personnel information
  4. Sanctions policy
  5. Implementation of the employee handbook
  6. Epilogue
About the Author

Sharon Oost