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How to Boost your Wellbeing at Work

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How to Boost your Wellbeing at Work is a practical and inspiring book, enabling you to understand your wellbeing needs and empowering you to create conditions that let you thrive at work.
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How to Boost your Wellbeing at Work is a practical yet thought provoking book, packed with tools and techniques to help you create the right environment to thrive rather than just survive at work. Much of it is rooted in positive psychology research and will enable you to understand your own wellbeing needs and how managing your career proactively can contribute to your wellbeing, resilience, and optimism. This is your chance to take positive action and prioritise your wellbeing.

About the Author

Sarah Archer is a successful Career & Leadership Coach and founder of CareerTree Coaching. She specialises in career success and building career confidence to enable clients to fulfil their potential. She is passionate about helping people discover work which is purposeful and that they love. She offers one to one and group bespoke coaching programmes.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Are you surviving or thriving in your career?
    1. What is Wellbeing?
    2. What is Flourishing?
    3. What is Wellbeing at Work?
    4. Take the Surviving or Thriving Audit
    5. Creating your Wellbeing at Work Plan
  2. Harnessing the Power of your Inner Self
    1. Understand yourself and create alignment with your career
    2. Why meaning and purpose in your work is important to flourishing
    3. Managing your own personal definition of career success
    4. Techniques to boost your positivity at work
    5. What to do if you feel completely overwhelmed
  3. Creating the best environment to flourish in
    1. Creating Headspace
    2. Understanding your energy
    3. Building positive work relationships
    4. Decluttering your workspace
    5. Get Balance
    6. The Importance of Sleep
  4. Prioritising your Growth and Development
    1. What’s your vison for your career?
    2. The importance of Self-Discipline and Grit
    3. How to reach your potential and boost your wellbeing
    4. Becoming a Career Activist
    5. Creating new habits
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • References
About the Author

Sarah Archer