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Help with goal setting

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Learn the importance of personal goals for living a life on purpose, and a guide through a step by step process for setting SMART goals and then planning how to achieve them.
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In this episode, Ros Jones explains why it’s important to set short and longer term goals to design the life we want to lead and fulfil our personal dreams. She guides the listener through a step by step process to set these goals, ensuring the goals are not just a passing fancy but genuine goals. We need to have emotionally powerful goals to keep us motivated through tougher times. Goals need to be written down and reviewed often. Goal setting is a life-long process. This episode also looks at planning the action needed to achieve goals and the impact of our brain on our goal achievement.

About the Author

Ros Jones has over 20 years of broad commercial experience before setting up her own business coaching practice in 2013. She’s helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals and take their business to the next level. Her clients achieve growth in profitability accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development, strategic planning and shifts in mindset.

About the Author

Ros Jones