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Focus, Persistence & Resilience

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The skills of focus, persistence and resilience are three ingredients for a successful career and life. Persistence is keeping going despite setbacks.
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The skills of focus, persistence and resilience are three ingredients for a successful career and life. Focus is directing laser-like attention on a single topic, while ignoring irrelevant matters. Persistence is the quality of continuing going forward steadily despite problems, setbacks, difficulties, failures or obstacles. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly and bounce back, survive and flourish from the trials and tribulations of life. Those without resilience become helpless, discouraged and despondent, adopt a victim mentality or plunge into depression, and feelings of helplessness.

About the author

Samuel A Malone is a self-employed training consultant, lecturer and author. He is the author of 21 books published in Ireland, the UK and abroad on learning, personal development, study skills and business management.  Some of his books have gone into foreign translations and second editions. He has an M.Ed. with distinction (in training and development) from the University of Sheffield and is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA), Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) and a Chartered Secretary (ACIS). He is a fellow of the Irish Institute of Training and Development (FIITD).

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Focus
    1. What is Focus?
    2. The Focused Leader
    3. The Flipside to Focus - Distraction
    4. Dealing with Distractions
    5. Principles of Effective Focus
    6. Benefits of Focus – Mindfulness
    7. Other Benefits of Focus
    8. Blocks to Focus - Mental
    9. Blocks to Focus - Physical
    10. Consequences of Poor Focus
    11. Better Focus – Visualisation
    12. Better Focus - Techniques
    13. Better Focus – Psychological
    14. Better Focus – For Study
    15. Better Focus – Physiological
    16. Summary of Chapter 1
    17. Five Activities to Improve Focus Skills
    18. Summary Learning Map of Chapter One
  2. Persistence and Resilience
    1. Persistence
    2. Patience
    3. Passion
    4. Willpower
    5. Resilience in the face of Adversity
    6. Resilience for Success
    7. Resilience & Mental Toughness
    8. Visualisation & Resilience
    9. Seven Learnable Skills of Resilience
    10. Summary of Chapter Two
    11. Five Activities to Improve Persistence and Resilience Skills
    12. Summary Learning Map of Chapter 2
  • Acknowledgements
  • References and Bibliography
About the Author

Samuel A. Malone