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Expert Talk: Culture and Conflict

14m 38s
Language:  English
Learn all about the concept of culture, different types of biases within the context of managing differences and how to use this knowledge to manage conflicts based on cultural diversity.
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This Expert Talk will lead you into the world of culture, unconscious bias and how awareness about this helps us managing differences effectively.

You will learn about:
  1. The concept of culture;
  2. Different types of biases within the context of managing differences;
  3. How to use this knowledge to manage conflicts based on cultural diversity.
In this Expert talk you will be introduced to the concept that cultural diversity as a reframe for a core issue - managing differences in all aspects, for overcoming the “Us vs Them” problem. We invite you to reflect on the opportunity to overcome global problems and to resolve conflicts effectively.

About the author

Susanne Schuler is a Mediator, Dealmaker and Conflict Coach. She spends most of her time helping organisations reverse conflict, build trust through discovering purpose, and, facilitating the growth of peace centred equity. Her work stretches from Mongolia to the USA and from Finland down to Rwanda. In 2018 she brought together leading figures in the world of peace-making to initiate a world first – an open peacemaker course based on the Oxford Process. Susanne is a networker – introducing special individuals possessing high value assets to each other through active public speaking, facilitating group trainings as a mediator, and, when working in support of senior women’s groups. Fearless as a consultant, Susanne has coached some of the most senior executives on Earth and faced their challenges, resistance and, sometimes, over spilling emotions. She does so with purposeful resolve, disarming charm as well as employing an intelligent use of wit and wisdom. Many, who have had the privilege of working with her, describe her as an essential critical friend, providing invaluable insights and feedback when most needed, and, as somebody who is there for the bad times, not just the good ones. Susanne has authored various articles on conflict and mediation and two books, “Conflict Management and Cultural Diversity” – an introduction to the two subjects published for the corporate market by Bookboon, Denmark. And she has contributed the initial content for Bloomsbury’s “How to Master Negotiation” as well. Susanne’s efforts have touched the lives of 1000’s so far. 
Born in Namibia and based in London, Susanne has lived, studied and worked in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, and the Americas.
About the Author

Susanne Schuler