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Employee Recognition and Rewards

A Strategic Guide for Managers and Leaders

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This eBook provides step-by-step guidance to successfully design, implement and evaluate a recognition program for employees working virtually and in-person. Low-cost forms of recognition are shared.
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This eBook provides business managers and leaders with practical, hands-on guidance to create and administer an effective employee recognition and rewards program. In addition to providing a variety of low/no-cost recognition and reward options, the eBook makes a compelling case for leveraging a robust program to support organizational goal accomplishment. The impact of organizational culture, personal preferences and virtual work are also examined. Key performance metrics including employee turnover, morale and engagement, productivity and financial results are linked to business success.

About the Author

Gary Musicante is a professor, executive coach and former HR executive. He works with individuals and businesses to support leadership development and organizational effectiveness efforts.Gary earned his undergraduate psychology degree with high honors from Princeton. He completed graduate studies in industrial-organizational psychology at The University of Maryland where he received a Teacher of the Year Award. He has created an award-winning teaching program and is frequently asked to present at conferences on business and leadership.

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
    1. What is Employee Recognition?
    2. Why should we provide Employee Recognition & Rewards? What are the benefits?
    3. Who gives Recognition?
    4. What will it cost?
    5. When should I use Employee Recognition & Rewards?
    6. In Summary
  2. Building an Employee Recognition & Rewards Program
  3. The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Recognition
    1. Organizational Culture Types
    2. What should I do with this information?
    3. Suggested Employee Recognition & Reward Strategies Based on Culture Type
  4. How Employee Recognition Can Support Strategic Change Efforts in your Organization
  5. Other Considerations
    1. Peer-to-peer Employee Recognition
    2. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    3. Cultural Differences; Personal Preferences
    4. Recognition, Rewards, & Performance Management
    5. Employee Recognition & Rewards Software
  6. Working in a Virtual World
    1. Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic
    2. Creative Recognition Program Ideas During a Crisis
    3. Strategic Use of Employee Recognition & Rewards
  7. Measuring Employee Recognition & Reward Program Effectiveness
    1. Program Evaluation: Questions to Ask
    2. Program Evaluation: Some Key Performance Metrics
    3. Program Success Criteria
    4. Employee Recognition & Reward Programs: Real World Effectiveness Data
  8. Case Study
    1. Background and Overview
    2. Building the Employee Recognition & Rewards Program
    3. How the new Employee Recognition Program Supported Strategic Change Efforts
    4. Other Considerations
    5. Measuring Program Effectiveness
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography
About the Author

Gary Musicante