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Digital Detox: My Journey Towards Wellbeing

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Language:  English
Based on the author’s personal journey, this book presents scientific tactics to tackle distractions from digital devices.
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We are losing our creativity and focus to distractions from digital devices. This book presents strategies to disconnect and reclaim a life that is rewarding. With tactics and action steps that have scientific basis, the book has pointers on productivity, peak performance and holistic wellbeing, based on the personal journey of author Sujitha Jothi.

About the Author

Sujitha is a communication consultant and freelance journalist. Her articles have appeared in leading national magazines of India.

  • About the author
  • Acknowledgment
  • Introduction
  1. Recognising the tech trap
    1. An illness and an epiphany
    2. Swipes and swept away moments
    3. Clicks, flashes and creativity
    4. Mediocre vs master work
    5. The lost thread
    6. Action steps: recognizing the trap
  2. The what ofaddiction
    1. Subconscious digital reactions
    2. Brain basis
    3. What’s new?
    4. A million dollar molecule
    5. Action steps: the triple exercise
  3. The why of addiction
    1. The etiology of addiction
    2. Action steps: a wellness questionnaire
  4. Hacking the environment
    1. A defining force
    2. A perfect setting
    3. A controlled dopamine rush
    4. Action steps: creating the environment
  5. Streamlining productivity
    1. Overcoming a daily ordeal
    2. The total transformation
    3. The science of productivity
    4. Action steps: getting there, the three w’s
  6. Hacking the mind
    1. Cultivate happiness, joy and love
    2. Vitamin people
    3. Be in the now
    4. Action steps to increase your emotional wellbeing
  7. Hacking the brain
    1. Attention sapper
    2. Boredom
    3. Diffusion and drain
    4. Entering the ‘flow state’
    5. Action steps: how to enter flow
  8. Hacking your health
    1. Awareness: recognizing and being
    2. Regulating sleep
    3. The habit of exercise
    4. Action steps: cultivating health consciousness
  9. Hacking creativity
    1. Opiate of the mindless
    2. Experiencing silence
    3. Taking breaks
    4. Unwinding
    5. Action steps: getting in the mood
About the Author

Sujitha Jothi