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Business Manners

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How to navigate the world of business in a mannerly way and immediately engage with your colleagues and customers more professionally.
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Highly critical for success, yet often overlooked, the way in which an individual presents themselves matters. This very approachable book outlines the ways that employees (mailroom to boardroom) should conduct themselves. Drawing from funny, and sometimes horrific, examples of “what not to do” Will illustrates how to navigate the world of business in a mannerly way. After reading this book, you will be better prepared to immediately engage with your colleagues and customers more respectfully.

About the Author

Will McCoy is a business unicorn. His extensive experience having led schools/districts, non-profits, startups, and for-profit businesses makes him unique in the global business community. As a strategy/leadership/creative/technology consultant to national and international brands, Will brings his combination of no-nonsense business practicality and human-centric management to every interaction. Most importantly, Will subscribes to the “A rising tide raises all boats” philosophy and openly shares his insight with others worldwide.

  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction
    1. How to use this book
    2. What are business manners, and why do they matter?
  3. Business Manners from the Beginning
    1. Resumes and Cover Letters
    2. Interviews
    3. Horror Stories and Hints
  4. Business Manners With Your Team
    1. Meetings (In Person)
    2. Meetings (Video Conferencing)
    3. Written and Spoken Communication
    4. Horror Stories and Hints
  5. Business Manners With Others
    1. Partner Agencies or Organizations
    2. Acting as a host
    3. Acting as a visitor
    4. Horror Stories and Hints
  6. Business Manners with Customers/Clients
    1. Why Empathy Matters
    2. Your Role: Their Comfort
    3. Horror Stories
  7. Business Manners Beyond the Work Day
    1. You never know who your next customer (or boss) will be
    2. Social Business Manners in Action
  • Conclusion

About the Author

Will McCoy