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Building Successful Relationships

Win the ‘Future of Work’

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What do successful working relationships look like, how do build them to win?
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Most organizations rely on people, processes, products, and services to build successful, environments all connected by relationships. The ability to effectively engage and interact with these different resources is based on communication. The focus of this e-book will be how to bridge the gap between communication. That allows more clarity to build stronger relationships. For leaders and organizations, the essential component is the relationships between people. It is nearly impossible to achieve long-term success without solid relationships built on trust.

About the Author

Jonathan Krause is the Founder, President & CEO of Synclarity Consulting. A strategic management consulting firm that offers business advisory services and executive coaching to startups and small businesses in education, healthcare, and the life sciences. After over 25 years in account management, business development, case management, sales, and training in the public and private sectors. He founded Synclarity Consulting in 2018 to help companies build more substantial organizations.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. What does it mean to lead?
    1. Leaders and managers
    2. Roles and responsibilities
    3. Relationship building
  2. How do we measure what matters to others?
    1. Building, honesty, trust, and respect
    2. Creating shared context, identity, and equity
    3. Everyone has a role to play
  3. Shared equity
    1. “What’s in it for me?”
    2. Engagement, satisfaction, and fulfilment
    3. Together is better
  4. Your success is my success
    1. Investing in others
    2. The power of belief
    3. Making everyone the hero in their own story
  5. The aggregate whole is the total of all parts
    1. There is no “I” in team
    2. It takes a village
    3. Many hands make light work
  6. Supporting the future of work
    1. What will the future of work look like?
    2. How do we build and support cohesive working relationships?
    3. What do healthy relationships look like in a virtual world?
  7. What comes next?
    1. Takes a lifetime to create but only seconds to break
    2. Building bridges that last
    3. Yours, mine, ours
  • My top 10 tips for effective communication
  • Conclusion
  • 20 Questions to ponder over
  • Thoughts of consideration
  • Steps to building a team
  • References
About the Author

Jonathan Krause