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Audiobook: How to Train your Mentor

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It is hard to know what to do when you are in the middle of a mentoring relationship, as a Mentee, and are uncertain whether you are getting the best value from your Mentor.
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Most Mentors know very little about how to be an effective Mentor, which can be very frustrating for you as a Mentee. Mostmentoring books aim to educate you on the basics of how to start a mentoring relationship. However, very few deal with what to do when you find yourself in the middle of a mentoring relationship, and are uncertain as to whether you are getting the best value from that relationship. Mentors who plan to mentor more than one person over a sustained length of time should still have training. Until they do, this book will help you with advice, tips, and a whole lot more so you can get better value from your Mentor and help them, in turn, become better Mentors.

About the Author

Jacqui Hogan

Jacqui Hogan has been mentoring business owners, managers and directors to achieve their business goals since 2003. The combination of her technical IT background, empathy, people skills and systematic approach has delivered startling results for her clients.

Jacqui has wide experience in mentoring senior management and middle managers to be more effective. This includes both internal management responsibility, as well as practical experience managing difficult and challenging external client teams as an outsourced manager. Her experience is particularly strong in improving productivity, team building and developing managers within innovative IT companies, including those looking to improve their ecollaboration.

She has expertise in strategic planning and project management to deliver successful business solutions involving new ideas. She is particularly skilled in situations with a high degree of uncertainty or change: mentoring and motivating those involved and communicating effectively with stakeholders.

Jacqui is an experienced professional speaker on a wide range of management and non-management topics. She is also a regular blogger and you can share her management insights at and on twitter @CoCreative. As an author, she wrote the popular management book ‘7 Habits of a Great Manager’, now available on Amazon and is co-author of ‘Together Works’ available on Amazon.

You can also find her on LinkedIn at