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4D Confidence

How to Operate with Assurance in a Virtual World

Karen J. Hewitt
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A guide to navigating the virtual workplace with confidence, including a useful breakdown of the topic, a new 4D confidence model to assess your own confidence and a step-by-step plan to improve it.
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This book is a practical, informative, well-researched and timely guide to navigating the virtual workplace with confidence. It explains what confidence is, why it is important and how it works. Then the author offers a completely new way of looking at confidence with her 4D confidence model comprising the four dimensions of internal, external, deep, and strategic confidence. At the end, the reader gets to assess themselves personally against the model and design their own improvement plan for confidence in the virtual world.

About the Author

Karen J. Hewitt is the founder of Leaderlike Ltd. She is a specialist in individual and organizational leadership and passionate about the topic of confidence in business. Her first book ‘Employee Confidence – the New Rules of Engagement,’ 2018, outlines the vital role that confidence plays in companies, their employees, and the extent to which both are able to reach their full potential. It was a finalist in the Leadership category of the Business Book Awards 2019.

  1. Confidence is key to your success
    1. Confidence and action
    2. Confidence and motivation
    3. Confidence and overcoming setbacks
    4. Confidence and embracing change
    5. Confidence and feedback
    6. Chapter summary
  2. How confidence works
    1. Confidence highs and lows
    2. Confidence as a trait or skill
    3. Where to start with confidence
    4. The role of experience in confidence
    5. Chapter summary
  3. Virtual Working and Confidence
    1. Confidence and the virtual world
    2. Confidence and the telephone
    3. Confidence and virtual meeting platforms
    4. Chapter summary
  4. A 4D model for confidence
    1. Dimension One - Internal Confidence
    2. Dimension Two - External Confidence
    3. Dimension Three - Deep Confidence
    4. Dimension Four - Strategic Confidence
    5. Chapter summary
  5. Using Strategic Confidence to your advantage
    1. Preparation sets you up for success
    2. Knowing differences puts you ‘in the know’
    3. Remember, it’s not all about you
    4. Chapter summary
  6. Using the 4D model to improve your confidence
    1. Assess your Confidence levels
    2. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Understand what the virtual world offers
    4. Chapter summary
  7. Planning to grow your Confidence
    1. Conduct a confidence SWOT1 analysis
    2. Coach yourself to find Confidence opportunities
    3. Make confidence improvement a habit
    4. Chapter summary
  8. Conclusion
    1. Time to take stock
    2. Time to get confidence on the agenda
  • Endnotes
  • Endnotes