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21st Century Corporate Learning & Development

Trends and Best Practices

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This eBook is written by the Global Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey. Read his thoughts on the newest practices in corporate learning & development.
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Organizations around the world are experiencing sweeping changes. Mastering current and future realities requires deep learning capabilities. The role of L&D has become more strategic in many organizations as shareholders look increasingly at the role of intangible assets when they value organizations. The L&D function is expected to change significantly and to operate in a more agile and nimble fashion in order to master the faster pace of business. This book features cutting edge L&D practices based on the work and research of Prof. Dr. Nick Van Dam (Global Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey & Co.).

  1.  Introduction 
  2.  Enhance the strategic role of L&D 
  3.  Implement 21st century L&D practices 
  4.  Apply insights from cognitive neuroscience 
  5.  Deploy a full learning & development portfolio 
  6.  Professional learning design 
  7.  Digital learning 
About the Author

Dr. Nick H.M. van Dam