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Mentoring at Work

Mentoring at Work
4,3 (11 läsarrecensioner)
ISBN: 978-87-403-1750-3
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Sidor : 105
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Om boken

  1. Innehåll
  2. Förklaring


  1. Introduction 
  2. Emotional Capital 
    1. What is Emotional Capital? 
    2. Why Emotional Capital is Such a Valuable Asset 
    3. How Mentoring Helps 
  3. Emotional Intelligence 
    1. EI together with IQ = WISDOM 
    2. Why EI is Important to the Savvy Employer 
  4. What do People Want from Work? 
    1. Everyone is an Individual 
    2. Key Values and Factors at Work 
  5. The Mentoring Process 
    1. How Mentoring Differs from Coaching or Training 
    2. How Mentoring Helps People 
    3. What Effective Mentoring Involves 
    4. Mentoring: The Main Benefits 
  6. Becoming a Mentor 
    1. Specific Qualities of a Good Mentor 
    2. The Skills Required 
    3. Sharing Experience 
    4. Building Rapport 
    5. Setting Direction 
    6. Making Progress 
    7. Moving On 
    8. The Boundaries – and When to Seek Help 
    9. Measuring Success 
    10. A Mentor’s Know-How Gives You the Edge 
  7. To be or not to be a Mentee? 
    1. Is Mentoring Right for me? 
    2. How Do I Get the Most from Mentoring? 
    3. Choosing the Right Mentor 
    4. What Will I gain? 
    5. How Does Mentoring Help My Development? 
    6. Personal Commitment 
  8. Starting a Company Scheme 
    1. Launching the Mentoring Programme 
    2. Mentoring Workshops 
    3. Getting it Right: The Golden Rules 
    4. What Mentoring Achieves for Employees 
    5. What Mentoring Offers the Organisation 
    6. Mentor and Mentee Matching: Getting it Right 
    7. Mentors and Managers 
  9. Mentor Training 
    1. The Help a Mentor Offers 
    2. Facilitating Mentoring Support 
    3. The Art of Listening 
    4. The Skill of Questioning 
    5. Trust and Confidentiality 
    6. Preparing for a Meeting 
    7. Running Meetings Effectively 
    8. Dealing with Issues/Problems 
  10. Mentoring Tools 
    1. The G.R.O.WModel 
    2. G.R.O.W– Example Questions 
    3. Checklist for Mentors (Example) 
    4. Meeting Form for Mentees 
    5. Some Useful Goal-Setting Tools 


What exactly is mentoring and why do more and more organisations use it to attract, nurture and keep their best people? Are you a would-be mentor and how do you train for it? How can employees increase their confidence and enjoy greater career success by being mentored?

These and a host of other questions are answered in Mentoring at Work – an insightful, comprehensive handbook that takes you through the paces of becoming a mentor as well as acting as an essential step-by step guide for senior managers and executives who want to establish their own in-house mentoring schemes.

About the author

Carole Deighton is a successful and respected mentor and professional development coach who works with UK organisations and individuals to bring out the very best in people. 

Carole believes all of us have the ability to reflect, develop and change for the better and, in Mentoring at Work, she explains why mentoring is one of the most powerful tools in today's business environment. 

With a wealth of experience to draw on, she reveals her own particular insights into this invaluable process, the nitty-gritty of becoming a good mentor, advice on how to get the most out of being mentored, as well as a step-by-step guide for companies launching their own in-house mentoring schemes.

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