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Your Boss: Sorted!

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An antidote to discontentedly putting up with things, the book can be your first step to a better future.
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A bad boss can make a job hell.

And a good working relationship with your boss does not just happen; but it can be possible if you work at it. This book shows how. It sets out proven approaches and practical tips about a range of matters from communications to job appraisals where you can take an initiative with action that can help create the relationship that you want, and which your boss finds works and which they like. Such action can affect how well you can do your job, the satisfaction, indeed enjoyment, and rewards you get from it and how your present situation can lead on to a career of increasing success.

An antidote to discontentedly putting up with things, the book can be your first step to a better future.

  1. Introduction: a major influence on job satisfaction and success
  2. A Relationship That Works
    1. Creating continuous practicality
    2. Defining your job
    3. A Sound Working Structure
  3. Creating A Positive Profile
    1. Perception is reality
    2. Your prime objectives
    3. The people to impress
    4. Your best image
  4. Actively creating positive impact
    1. Ready, aim – fire!
    2. Positive, specific action
    3. Work essentials
    4. Establishing a balance
    5. Here’s an idea
    6. Adding power
  5. Successfully Communicating With Senior People
    1. First things first
    2. Choosing the best moment
    3. Making meetings work for you
    4. The power of listening
    5. Earning a hearing
    6. The power of being assertive
  6. Securing Agreement From Your Boss
    1. Initial principles
    2. The gentle art of persistence
    3. Helping them decide
    4. A persuasive formula
    5. How to add “weight” to the argument
  7. Getting Over Difficulties
    1. What to do about the boss from hell
    2. Communication to the rescue
    3. What about BIG problems?
    4. Beware creating problems
    5. Last resorts
    6. Building on success
  8. The Benefits Of Job Appraisals
    1. Tell me how I’m doing
    2. The reason for appraisals
    3. How your appraisal can help you
    4. Preparation
    5. Topics for discussion
    6. Conduct during the meeting
    7. Action after the meeting
    8. Recognise that criticism is helpful
  9. Summary
    1. Final overall thoughts
    2. Ideas for the future
The information in this book is not only for use in one's world of work. The skills explained in it can also assist in developing sound relationships, even outside the workplace. It contributes to enhancing one's emotional intelligence.

Patrick Forsyth