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Understanding Kanban

Theory, Practices and Insights

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This book provides a clear path to better understand and improve the work we do, in order to deliver more value and quality, with as little friction as possible.
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This is a book to better understand and improve the work we do, to deliver more value and quality, with as little friction as possible. It provides you a clear path to understand and apply the principles and practices of Kanban.The method was created for software development, but several other areas have experienced the method over time. No matter what area you are in, you can apply and evolve the theory and the practices. It only takes discipline to get started and evolve. No matter how inexperienced you may be, you have what you need to get started. We wish you an insightful reading experience!

About authors

Danilo Garcia: Accredited Kanban Consultant. Kanban practitioner since 2011.Pedro Martins Cruz: Computer Scientist, agilist since 2013 and Kanban Trainer by Kanban UniversityMarcelo Luis Walter: Accredited Kanban Consultant. Agilist since 2001. Evolved to Kanban in 2011Juliano Ribeiro: Accredited Kanban Consultant and Trainer, Agilist since 2008 and with Kanban since 2010.Alexandre Nodari: Speaker and organizer of the first Agile events in Brazil, in 2002. Accredited Kanban Consultant.Fábio Torres: Kanban certified, process designer, speaker and UX writer.

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  1. Kanban Method
    1. What is Kanban?
    2. A brief history about Kanban
    3. Where is it applicable?
  2. Kanban Principles
    1. Change Management Principles
    2. Service Delivery Principles
  3. Kanban Practices (Why + How-to)
    1. Visualizing Workflow
    2. Limiting Working in Progress
    3. Managing Flow
    4. Make policies explicit
    5. Implement feedback loops
    6. Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally
  4. Correlated Topics
    1. Industrial Model X Knowledge workers
    2. Always consider the culture
    3. Leadership requires and improves communication
  5. Get started!
  • Table of figures

Marcelo Luis Walter

Pedro Martins Cruz

Juliano Ribeiro

Alexandre Nodari