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Tips for Assembling a Great Project Team

11m 28s
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As organizational reliance on project teams continues to grow, it is critical to assemble the right team.

The use of project teams is prevalent in organizations worldwide. Despite increasing usage many project teams are unsuccessful. This episode examines various reasons for project failure such as poor leadership and unclear expectations. However, many problems can be minimized by assembling the right team. By thinking about the skills needed for a project, selecting personnel who possess those skills and managing norms and roles; project managers will increase the chances of a successful project.

About the Author

Jeff Hefel is a retired Professor of Management from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Over 35 years, he taught courses in management, marketing, and economics. He holds an MBA and has provided professional consultations and workshops to many local businesses in Strategic Planning, and Human Resource Management. He received the University’s Outstanding Professor award in 1999.