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Thinking Like the Top 1% Successful People

Harnessing the Power of Mindset to Create Success

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27m 14s
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Most people don’t think very much – they live and operate from their programming. That’s a fact. Successful people think above and beyond their programming. Imagine if you or your team did that too!

It is a fact of neuroscience that we are all living and operating from our programming (subconscious conditioning).
The top successful people across the world and centuries think differently – that is they go beyond traditional programming and operate differently. Why? Because they are better or uniquely talented? No – you are uniquely talented too and just as good as they are. They are using their conscious faculties in ways that the average person does not.
In this session you will learn how to start thinking differently too by using YOUR conscious faculties in creative ways. And your circumstances and environment will change dramatically!

Sandy Rutherford

Sandy is Success Mindset Coach and Founder of RF Success Academy and The Unstoppable Success System. Taught and mentored by legendary Bob Proctor – the top success and prosperity teacher in the world – she teaches you how to create an accelerated pathway to success through a proven, simple and powerfully effective roadmap in an environment of support, hands-on guidance and accountability.