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The Practical Guide to Project Management

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This book is designed to help you understand the theory, tools, techniques and key success factors for you to succeed in your projects.
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This book is designed to help you understand the theory, tools, techniques and key success factors for you to succeed in your projects. We will be looking at all aspects of managing projects – from the technical checklists to the soft skills that are essential for a Project Manager to succeed.

  • Preface
  1. Introduction
    1. The Project Process
    2. The Importance of a Project Management Process
    3. Project Definition
    4. Project Management Definition
  2. Initiation
    1. Project Criticality
    2. Project Type (Complexity)
    3. Scope Statement
    4. Smart Objectives
    5. Project Charter
    6. Sponsors
    7. Stakeholders
    8. Requirements
  3. Agile and Scrum
    1. Agile Project Management
    2. Scrum and “Sprints”
    3. Scrum Roles
    4. Scrum Teams
    5. Scrum Events
    6. Scrum Artifacts or Tools
    7. Scrum Reporting
  4. Project Planning
    1. Project Planning Checklist
    2. Kick-Off Meeting
    3. Work Breakdown Structure
    4. Network Diagram
    5. Gantt Chart
    6. Managing Risks
    7. Teams
  5. Execution
    1. Conflicts
    2. Managing Changes in Projects
    3. Resistance to Change
    4. How to Influence Others?
  6. Control and Report
    1. Communication
    2. Listening
    3. Reporting
    4. Managing Delays
    5. Escalation
    6. Negotiating Rational Delays
    7. Team Meetings
  7. Project or Phase Close
  8. References

Great- SImple and basic and great for anyone starting out in the PM world. I shared with my recently hired PM who is coming from a totally different field.
Very simple but very helpful. Content is comprehensible and good choice of words too.

Christine Petersen, PMP

Christine has over 30 years of multinational company experience. She has worked for many years as Project Manager in large international systems implementations around Europe and has been based in Switzerland since 1998. She speaks Danish, English, French, Italian and German fluently, and has been training in these languages since 1999.

Christine founded her company, VIRAK, in 2002 in order to be able to train, coach and consult full-time and has since built up a client base throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Christine's approach to training is to ensure that the course content clearly targets the needs of the participants, that they learn quickly and are ready to apply their new knowledge and self-awareness as soon as they are back in the work environment. She believes that if participants are enjoying themselves, are interacting and are actively participating, then they will be much more likely to achieve this goal.

Her experience as a Project Manager led her to understand the vital importance of people management skills as well as having clear processes and methodologies. She teaches and consults in both Project Management and all the soft skills that are essential to succeeding in the workplace, both as a Project Manager and as a Team Member or Manager.

Christine delivers keynote presentations at conferences or seminars and to audiences both large and small.

  Her Keynote Topics include:

-       Project Management

-       Risk Management

-       Soft Skills for Managers

-       Body Language

-       Influencing across the Organisation

-       Communication Skills

-       Business Analysis

-       Writing and Presentation Skills

-       Managing Meetings Successfully

Christine a plus de 30 ans d'expérience dans les multinationales. Elle a travaillé pendant de nombreuses années en tant que chef de projet dans la mise en œuvre de grands systèmes informatiques en Europe. Elle est basée en Suisse depuis 1998. Elle parle couramment le danois, l'anglais, le français, l'italien et l'allemand. Elle donne des formations dans ces langues depuis 1999. 

Christine a fondé sa société, VIRAK, en 2002 afin de pouvoir former, encadrer et consulter à plein temps. Depuis, elle a développé une clientèle en Europe et au Moyen-Orient. 

L'approche de Christine en matière de formation consiste à s'assurer que le contenu du cours cible clairement les besoins des participants, qu'ils apprennent rapidement et qu'ils sont prêts à appliquer leurs nouvelles connaissances et leur conscience de soi dès leur retour au travail. Elle pense que si les participants s'amusent, interagissent et participent activement, ils auront beaucoup plus de chances d'atteindre ces objectifs. 

Son expérience en tant que gestionnaire de projet l'a amenée à comprendre l'importance vitale des compétences relationnelles, ainsi que des processus et méthodologies clairs. Elle enseigne et consulte les chefs de projet, les membres de l'équipe et les managers en toutes les compétences indispensables à la réussite sur le lieu de travail. 

Christine présente lors de conférences et de séminaires et s'adresse à un auditoire grand et petit. 

Ses sujets principaux incluent:

- Gestion de projets

- Gestion des risques

- Compétences relationnelles

- Le langage du corps

- Influencer à travers l'organisation

- Compétences en communication

- Analyse d’entreprise (Business Analysis)

- Compétences en rédaction et présentation

- Gérer les réunions avec succès