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The Keys to Teamwork. Part I

Trust - the Cornerstone of Efficiency

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In this book we will review together the key issues that allow you, as leaders of a workgroup, to generate a strong feeling of TRUST in your team to undertake any task.
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When we lead a team, we must answer three basic questions: What do our team members think, what do they do and what do they feel?Many times, we make the mistake of focusing only on what they do; as leaders especially, we focus on defining and dividing tasks, limiting our interaction with the team to simply keeping track of how they perform the work. However, excellent leadership is much more, it is much broader; everything starts with and is based on creating a climate of TRUST. The way to achieve this is more complex than it might seem, but if it is achieved, its impact will be phenomenal.

About the Author

Gorka Iglesias is a PhD in Industrial Engineering and holds an MBA. He has been leading teams for more than twenty years in different areas and kinds of companies in international environments. Currently, he works for a large multinational coordinating a network of product development teams based in various European countries.At the end of 2020 he wrote ‘Ready, Steady, Go! A different and truly effective way to lead teams’ (in Spanish) where he presents his innovative approach to optimizing project management and team leadership.

  • About the author
  • Preface. Introduction to the ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ method
  1. The three pillars of project management
  2. The four key stakeholders of a project
  3. The ‘assignment’ or project definition
  4. The ‘Ready’ phase – Trust
    1. A bit of theory
    2. Building trust
    3. The identity of the team
  • Endnotes

Gorka Iglesias Toquero