The Four Pillars of Brilliant Leadership

A Practical Guide

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53 pages
Good leadership can be learned. With the help of numerous practical examples, this "Little Book of Leadership" points out the guiding stars good leaders should follow to achieve this.
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Об авторе

Bertram Valentin hat über 20 Jahre intensive Führungserfahrungen gesammelt. Als Chef eines schottischen Finanzdienstleisters in Deutschland entwickelte er einen Start-up zu einem weit respektierten Anbieter mit einer halben Million Kunden und 400 Mitarbeitern.

Bertram Valentin is


  • About the author
  1. An appetizer
  2. What makes a good leader and what is this book about?
  3. What do good leaders do? – the four pillars of brilliant leadership
    1. Creating organisational clarity
    2. Building a great leadership team
    3. Being a magnet for talent
    4. Embracing authentic corporate values
  4. What good leaders should not do
    1. Don’t point a finger at others
    2. Don’t court favors
    3. Don’t wait for certainty
    4. Don’t aim for perfection
    5. Don’t be self-centered
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

"Traveler, there is no path, the path must be forged as you walk." (Antonio Machado)

Good leadership can be learned. With the help of numerous practical examples, this Little Book of Leadership points out the guiding stars good leaders should follow to achieve this, as well as identifying the main pitfalls.

This book is intended both as an incentive and a compass. As an incentive to put you on your own path to becoming an even better leader. And as a compass to show where good leaders focus their actions. This book spells out what leaders can achieve, and how.

About the author

Bertram Valentin has over 20 years of leadership experience. As its CEO, he grew the German branch of a Scottish financial services provider from a startup to a well-respected provider with half a million customers and 400 employees.

Bertram Valentin studied mathematics and earned an MBA from INSEAD. He has been a freelance executive coach and consultant since 2012.

An excellent book that gets straight to the point succinctly which given the demands on time these days is a big plus. The section around respect and appreciation of individuals really resonated with my own experience. Plenty of scope for further editions in which case I would be keen to hear more from the authors around inheriting a team (the usual situation) and on any differences in the huge and growing voluntary/third sector e.g. when relationship is not employee to employer but volunteer to volunteer. A good investment of time.
Clear. Precise. Very well worth reading. A perfect summary for beginners and advanced. Well illustrated by Franzika Plesser & Bertam Valentin. Great! Christian Graulich
I actually wanted to just skim through the book, but ended up reading it completely, as it was too interesting to pass on. It is very practical and well-written. It contains many top tips for all leaders! I recognised my own past in some of the descriptions and saw how wrong and powerless leaders can sometimes be. Everything that could be done wrong was, especially when it comes to working with employees… the book describes many situations that will make you think an reflect. Many leaders don’t take enough time for reflection. This is a MUST for all leaders, whether you are a long-time leader or a beginner.
I’ve never taken less time to read 60 pages. Time flew by. The book is brief, is written concisely and is never boring. Thanks to targeted quotes at the beginning of each chapter as well as examples, the reader can directly transfer the knowledge into his own work life. This book is a MUST for every budding and experienced leader, in order to prepare for upcoming duties and to be self-reflective.
There are plenty of libraries about leadership. However, this book asks “what does a good leader do, what does he/she not do” and goes straight to the essence of the subject. I recommend the authors Valentin and Plesser and their impressive and brief guideline – whether you are a leader or not.
Concise, clear and easy to understand. This book about leadership is very much worth the read. I hope this book will be read by many!