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Talent Acquisition – A Methodology for Success

How to Identify & Retain Talent Efficiently & Effectively

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A comprehensive guide to establish core systems and processes for hiring talent that all TA and HR professionals need to know to ensure Talent Acquisition success within their organisation.
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This guide will enable the reader to provide structure and process to any recruitment selection and retention strategy regardless of organisation size. The authors’ extensive experience, and practical straight-forward and methodical presentation ensure that this book is an essential learning resource for anyone in the growing professional area of talent management. This book enables a pathway to hiring success, by using a combination of process, structure and placing the candidate experience at the heart of all talent activity, to attract talent in an ever-competitive market.

About the Authors

Nigel's initial career was in technical sales & marketing within healthcare. He set up an executive recruitment company, Remtec Talent Management, in 1998. Since then, he has established a system for evaluating and attracting high performers for clients, which is based on the study, observation and measurement of a wide range of individuals over this period of time. Since 2006, Lorna has worked with Nigel in executive search and talent acquisition, developing hiring systems that, over time have aided companies to attract the best talent & assisted individuals in finding their perfect jobs.

  • About the authors
  • Introduction
  1. Managing outcomes through a structured recruiting process
  2. Getting the Setting Right: The Importance of Employer Branding to Attract Talent
  3. Needs Analysis
  4. Candidate generation methods
  5. Short Listing, Interview and Assessment
  6. Hiring Success and Beyond
  • Summary
  • References

Learn how to build a structured recruiting process for successful talent acquisition.

Understand the role of strong employer branding in appealing to potential candidates.

Explore various strategies for finding and attracting job candidates.

Apply proper evaluation techniques during interviews to select the most suitable candidates for the job.

Lorna H. Rutter