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Take a Deep Breath…We Got This

Leadership Matters in a Crisis – Keys to Emerging Stronger

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Learn how a company will emerge stronger than before a crisis. How a team will heed its leader’s empathy and strategy to restore the confidence of experience, relationships, and brand respect.
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The key successes outlined will help a leader breathe and survive, not just in a pandemic, but in any professional crisis. They will demonstrate how the attacks could cause a leader to take a more emotional approach, which could end up destroying them, and as a result, the company too. This book will tell you/show you/teach you how to encourage a deep breath before taking any action while navigating a team through a crisis. A company may enter a crisis at any time for a multitude of reasons. Emerging stronger than the company and the team was before the crisis is what the focus should be.

About the Author

Mary M. Novak, CTC has 30 years of executive experience in publishing, career development seminars, finance, textiles, and the travel, hospitality, and transportation industries in domestic and international companies with major, established brands and start-ups. She has navigated through 911, public health emergencies, natural disasters, and economic downturns and the survival of her current company in one of the hardest hit industries due to the COVID pandemic. Her approach to solutions, empathy and intention as a leader is the core of her continued success forging stronger teams in a crisis.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Do You Need a Crisis Management Strategy?
    1. Defining a Crisis
    2. How to develop your crisis strategy – what level of crisis are you experiencing.
    3. Understanding the Structure of Your Organization for a Crisis Response
  2. Where the Heart Is
    1. Core values and the importance of commitment
    2. The leadership – communication style
    3. The team – do you understand if they understand?
    4. Listening, listening, and more listening
  3. The Tough Decisions
    1. Evaluating the crisis – implement the strategy
    2. Empathy – when and how to make cost reductions – furloughs / layoffs
    3. The Runway – financial management hour by hour
  4. Empathy and Support – Managing Fear and Uncertainty for the Team
    1. Communicate and acknowledge the progress and success
    2. Your door is always open – not everyone handles stress the same way
    3. Adjusting the strategy – making more tough decisions for survival
  5. The Win – Emerging Stronger
    1. Review of the action plan: what made the difference
    2. Time to make those organization growth plans – how to continue the success
    3. Finding the new team members for growth
    4. Review the crisis management plan – always be ready
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