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SharePoint Framework Web Part Development Basics

Develop SharePoint Online with the SharePoint Framework

Language:  English
This book aims to introduce intermediate and advanced users to SharePoint Framework development and help them get up and running with web part development.
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This book will guide the reader through the development of a web part built using the core aspects of the SharePoint Framework and its deployment using Azure DevOps. It looks at the history of SharePoint development, the benefits in using the SharePoint Framework and the anatomy of a SharePoint Framework solution. It covers the basics of Azure DevOps for source control as well as Azure pipelines for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. It also demonstrates how to query SharePoint data using TypeScript, SharePoint Online API and Microsoft Graph API.

About the Author

Nick Day is a senior software developer and consultant based in East Anglia. He has over ten years’ experience developing with Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint on-premises, Microsoft 365, and Azure. Nick provides hands-on development and tailored guidance around the design, development, and deployment of applications and has worked across several business domains such as such as media, entertainment, central government, aviation, pharmaceutical and information technology.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the sharepoint framework, and why should we use it?
    1. Javascript injection
    2. Sharepoint add-in
    3. Sharepoint framework
    4. What is a sharepoint framework client-side web part?
    5. Chapter summary
  3. Getting ready for development
    1. Overview of the development flow
    2. Set up a microsoft 365 development tenant
    3. Choosing between a tenant and site collection app catalog
    4. Install the tools and set up the development environment
    5. Chapter summary
  4. The image gallery web part development
    1. Provisioning/scaffolding the project
    2. Debugging using the sharepoint workbench and sharepoint online
    3. Trust dev certificate,update hosted workbench and view in sharepoint hosted workbench
    4. Open the project in visual studio code
    5. Explore the key files
    6. Add custom properties to the property pane and define how the web part appears in the toolbox
    7. Connect to the sharepoint online api and retrieve data
    8. Connect to the ms graph api and retrieve data
    9. Chapter summary
  5. Manual deployment vs azure devops deployment
    1. Deploying code files in sharepoint online or to a cdn
    2. Manual deployment
    3. Azure devops deployment
    4. Chapter summary
  6. Conclusions