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Self Leadership

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Read this book to improve your understanding of leadership and equip yourself with practical exercises, to enable you to be an effective leader at work and elsewhere.
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Would you like to improve your leadership skills? Are you interested in gaining insight into your own strengths? Did you know that great leadership is a result of good self leadership?!

This e-book offers numerous hints and tips to help you better understand yourself and others. Read this book to improve your understanding of leadership and equip yourself with practical exercises, to enable you to be an effective leader at work and elsewhere.

The author, Carita Nyberg, MSc. Economics, has further developed the Keys2Balance method to assist workplaces in improving communication and leadership, in order to enhance the working climate.

The method is based on José Steven’s, PhD., PersonEssence – Understanding People concept that has been utilised for more than 30 years in the US. Carita Nyberg has continued to develop this method further, providing a variety of training and coaching for differing workplaces and individuals.

Keys2Balance is a versatile program that offers inspiring insights into self leadership, management, team building and successful collaboration. The program contains nine keys that cover communication, motivation and wellbeing. Each key can be put into effect separately or combined with others both in one-to-one and group training sessions. They are applicable to all individuals, giving recommendations on a wide range of working situations in a practical format. These suggestions can be put into immediate use both at work and elsewhere.

The Keys2Balance keys are for anyone looking for a challenge and interested in advancing their skills. From leadership to team building, the keys can assist, helping to develop the individual for better collaboration, performance and wellbeing.

  1. Self Leadership
    1. Definition
  2. Archetypes
    1. Archetypal themes with their positive and negative traits
    2. Artisans – the creative multitaskers
    3. Storytellers – the entertaining communicators
    4. Servers – the nurturing helpers
    5. Priests – the inspiring visionaries
    6. Warriors – the organised achievers
    7. Kings – the strong leaders
    8. Scholars – the diplomatic experts
  3. Archetypes in the workplace
    1. Lack of different archetypes in the workplace
    2. Archetypes as managers
    3. Archetypes in teams
    4. Good communication
    5. Archetypes and hobbies
    6. Archetype traps and their challenges
    7. What is important to each archetype?
  4. Combinations
    1. Artisan-combos
    2. Storyteller-combos
    3. Server-combos
    4. Priest-combos
    5. Warrior-combos
    6. King-combos
    7. Scholar-combos
  5. Archetypes – the test
    1. Instructions
  6. Vitality Pillars
    1. True play
    2. True rest
    3. True study
    4. True work
    5. Vitality Pillars and Archetypes
  7. Self Leadership in practice
    1. Weekdays and Archetypes
    2. Vitality Pillars weekly

Carita Nyberg

Carita Nyberg works as an transformational trainer, speaker and coach for her company Keys2Balance. She has facilitated and inspired many leaders and teams assisting in bringing forth their natural strengths and improving their collaboration skills for more than a decade. She also works as a recruiting consultant and has experience also in training leaders and teams in multicultural companies. Her toolbox is Keys2Balance, a set of nine insightful keys for leadership, communication or collaboration challenges. She is also available as a keynote speaker, here some popular topics: Stress-free in 3 minutes; Discover Your Hidden Powers; What Motivates You Really; Overcome Your Obstacles.

Carita is currently based in Helsinki, Finland and loves travelling. She is expanding to international markets, training both live and virtually. Her past experience includes working in versatile marketing management and business strategy roles.