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Scrum in Practice

A Simple Book for Smart People in a Hurry

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This is a book that helps people understand and use Scrum right away. It is aimed at beginners and is a good refresher to experts. It taps into the essence of Scrum, leaving out what’s not essential.
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This is a book that shows Scrum for what it is: a simple framework that creates a container for you to work in smart and effective ways. With less distractions, more focus, and more collaboration.It reads short and simple because it is. Simple is not easy. DaVinci said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So, I skipped the fluff.I hope you enjoy this book. Let it remove misconceptions and please put in practice what you read. After all, this is not a novel. It’s a guide. In agile and in learning nothing beats practice. Doing.Try it with your teams, with yourself. And have fun!

About the Author

I’m a human being first, and a coach second. I’m a Professional Coach and an Agile Coach. I have been an Agile practitioner for 23+ years.Combining those skills made me very effective at helping people think differently, speak in a way that others listen and become a catalyst for change in their workplaces. And that is what Agile is all about!I have taught over unique 600 individuals in agile ways of thinking: from programmers to executives. I have coached over 20 teams. Hundreds of hours of coaching. Lots of fun.If you love to learn in engaging and smart ways keep in touch: we are a match!

  • Preface
  • How to read this book?
  • Introduction
  1. What is Scrum?
    1. Inspection, adaption & transparency
    2. The 5 values of Scrum
    3. The 5 Scrum events
    4. Scrum roles
    5. A Product Goal and a Product Backlog
  2. The Sprint Planning
    1. Why plan if we are Agile?
    2. The Sprint Backlog & Goal
    3. What happens in a Sprint Planning
    4. Things to watch out for
  3. The Daily Scrum
    1. Why not meetup every other day?
    2. What happens in a Daily Scrum
    3. Things to watch out for
  4. The Sprint Review
    1. Why not just record a demo?
    2. What happens in a Sprint Review
    3. Things to watch out for
  5. The Sprint Retrospective
    1. Can we skip it this time?
    2. What happens in a Sprint Retrospective
    3. Things to watch out for
  6. Closing the loop
  • Acknowledgements
  • Endnotes

Petula Guimaraes