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Sales for Engineering Companies

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Engineering salespeople often sell to major accounts and even small customers can demand strategic thinking and a long-term approach. The engineering sales cycle can often last several years.
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  1. Introduction 
    1. Overview of the EBook 
    2. Selling in Engineering 
    3. Finding the right customers 
    4. Sales process in engineering 
    5. Managing & planning engineering sales 
  2. Selling in engineering 
    1. Introduction 
    2. Decision Making in Engineering Selling 
    3. What sales performance skills are needed in engineering 
    4. Developing compelling value propositions 
    5. The different selling strategies and how to add value to customer relationships 
    6. Summary
  3. Finding the Right Customers 
    1. Introduction 
    2. How to segment the market 
    3. How to profile ideal customers 
    4. How to research the market for new potential customers 
    5. Using social media to find prospects 
    6. Bid or No-bid Decisions 
    7. Summary of Chapter 3 
  4. Sales process in engineering 
    1. Introduction 
    2. The sales process 
    3. ESTABLISHING interest with prospects 
    4. QUALIFYING interest into enquiry 
    5. CLOSING enquiries into customers 
    6. Summary of Chapter 4 
  5. Managing & planning engineering sales 
    1. Introduction 
    2. Sales Funnel to Track Prospects 
    3. Value of the relationship to you and the customer 
    4. Level of relationship with the customer organisation 
    5. Strategies to improve Key Account Relationships 
    6. Nature of Relationships 
    7. Managing Key Accounts 
    8. Summary 
  6. Summary 
    1. Selling in engineering 
    2. Finding the Right Customers 
    3. Sales process in engineering 
    4. Managing & planning engineering sales 

Selling engineering products and services is not like selling for other businesses. Engineering salespeople often sell to major accounts, the sales process is often long (sometimes years), involving multiple decision-makers (many of whom the salesperson doesn’t know) and some of the fiercest competitors. Even small customers can demand strategic thinking. 

To help readers through the complexities involved this e-book looks at several areas of selling in engineering: Finding the right customers; Sales processes; Managing & planning engineering sales

About the author

Peter Gaunt is Relationship Manager for Greater Manchester’s Business Growth Hub, moving into business support, training and consultancy after a very successful career in engineering sales. Over the last 10 years, Peter has worked with over 5,000 individuals to improve their sales, revenues and profits. Peter is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Chartered Marketer and has personally generated £50m of sales (today’s figures) in 19 years heading sales departments in SMEs and multi-nationals.

An excellent blend of practical & theory. Highly recommended