Powerful Strategies for Sales Success

SALES System™

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79 pages
Learn 21st Century sales techniques to build long term sales success. Why technology is a tool and not an end. Learn to be a partner to the buyer and not just another sales person after their money.
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Об авторе

Timothy J. Cummuta is a Business Consulting and Sales Expert.

Business: Tim has consulted Fortune 500 and small to medium size companies in Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing Productivity, IT Development, HR, and Risk Management.

Education: Tim is currently working on a Ph.D. in


Selling in the 21st Century is unlike anything ever experienced before. Sales methods can be achieved, literally, at the speed of light. Buyers are more savvy, more educated, more informed today. Buyers are equipped with in-depth knowledge and specific questions which zero in on exactly what they desire.

People are bombarded from every possible communications method by marketing and sales information creating such a noise, it’s almost impossible to overcome. How can professional sales people adapt to this changing environment and overcome the noise? The old adage, “Close them hard, close them often no matter what they say”, high-pressure tactics just don’t work today!

In this book you’ll learn to slow the process down and be a partner to the buyer utlizing the tried and true techniques professionals have always utilized to build long term sales. You’ll learn technology is a tool, not an end. You’ll learn the secret to being a buyer’s professional partner, not just another sales person.

  1. What makes great sales people great?
    1. Great Sales People Are Made Not Born
  2. Consultative Selling
    1. Outcomes
  3. Marketing/Branding
    1. Competitive Advantage
  4. Prospecting
    1. Networking
    2. Who Do You Know
    3. Using the Post Office
  5. Selling
    1. Dress
    2. Culture
    3. Step One – Slow Down
    4. The Four Skills for Becoming a Great Sales person
    5. Competitive Advantage
  6. Your Prospecting Presentation (20 Minutes)
    1. Your Full Presentation
  7. SALES System™
    1. Sine Wave
    2. S Sort
    3. A Activate
    4. L Learn
    5. E Educate
    6. S Satisfy
  8. Prospect Finder
    1. Ongoing Prospect Finder
    2. SALES System™ Flow Chart
  9. Phone Sales
  10. Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  11. Different Personality Types
  12. Tangible and Nontangible Sales
  13. Goals
  14. Unleashing Creativity
  15. Finally
For everyone who needs to improve on sales strategy, this is a must have.