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OneNote 2016

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In this book I will introduce you to working with OneNote – you will wonder how you ever managed without it!
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OneNote is a digital notebook. When you go to your meetings, you take with you a notebook. It may be ruled, have soft or hard covers, it could have plain paper or graph paper. Notebooks often divide into sections with section dividers so that you can keep different notes about different topics.

OneNote replicates all that and much more.

In this book I will introduce you to working with OneNote – you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

About the author

Shelley Fishel is the author of 8 other Microsoft Office books on Bookboon.

Shelley is an IT Trainer with 20 years’ experience of delivering Microsoft Office training both in the classroom and virtually. Shelley is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and holds certificates in both the design and facilitation of live online learning from the Learning and Performance Institute.

  1. Author Biography
  2. What is OneNote
  3. What flavours does OneNote come in?
    1. OneNote 2016 
    2. OneNote Web 
    3. OneNote Desktop Windows 10
    4. OneNote Desktop Mac 
    5. OneNote for IOS and Android
  4. What are the differences 
  5. This book is about 
  6. Starting OneNote 
    1. The Start menu 
    2. The Taskbar 
    3. Desktop Icon 
  7. The Ribbons 
    1. File Ribbon 
    2. Home Ribbon 
    3. The Insert Ribbon 
    4. The Draw Ribbon 
    5. The History Ribbon 
    6. Review Ribbon 
    7. View Ribbon 
  8. The structure of a Notebook
    1. Sections 
    2. Add a section 
    3. Rename a section 
    4. Move a section
    5. Merge Sections 
    6. Pages
    7. Add a page 
    8. Rename a page 
    9. Move a page 
  9. Where to store your Notebook
    1. Office 365 
    2. Create a Notebook 
  10. Open a Notebook 
    1. Recently opened 
    2. Pin the Notebook Pane to the side 
    3. Open a notebook from a folder
    4. Section Groups 
    5. Create a Section Group 
    6. Rename the Section Group 
    7. Add Sections within the new Section Group
    8. Display the content of a Section Group 
  11. Adding Content to your Notebook 
    1. Adding text 
    2. Move text around 
    3. Cut Copy and Paste text 
    4. Pasting formatted text 
    5. Formatting 
    6. Styles 
    7. Handwriting and drawing – otherwise known as Ink
    8. Choose the pen 
    9. Colour and thickness
    10. Ink to Text
    11. Ink to Math 
    12. Select view and erase ink
    13. To delete ink
  12. Bullets and Numbering 
    1. Simple bulleted or numbered lists
    2. Multi-Level numbering   
    3. Stop bullets or numbering
    4. Create and format Shapes 
    5. Use the Shapes group 
    6. Lock drawing mode 
    7. Format shapes 
    8. Arrange 
    9. Insert a space 
    10. Rotate shapes 
  13. Adding images 
    1. Insert pictures 
    2. Resize a picture
    3. Format a picture   
    4. Insert Online pictures 
    5. Screen clippings
  14. Adding more data to your notebook
    1. Quick notes 
    2. Change the location for Quick Notes
    3. Add a Quick Note   
    4. Tables 
    5. Use the Tab key 
    6. Use the Insert Table icon
    7. The Table Tools Ribbon 
    8. Convert a table to an Excel Spreadsheet   
    9. Attach files and printouts 58
    10. Insert a File Printout 
    11. Extract text from a File Printout 
    12. Insert File Attachment 
    13. Hyperlinks 
    14. Link to a website 
    15. Link to a file 
    16. Link to a location in OneNote 
    17. Create links to notebooks, sections, pages, and paragraphs
    18. Copy and paste a link to a notebook 
    19. Copy and paste a link to a section 
    20. Copy and paste a link to a page 
    21. Copy and paste a link to a paragraph
    22. To get back to the previous location
  15. Record audio and video
    1. Record Audio
    2. Playback your audio recording 
    3. Record Video 
    4. To play back your video
  16. Date and time stamps 
    1. Adding Symbols and equations
  17. Tags
    1. To do check boxes 
    2. Add a checkbox Tag
    3. Turn your list into Outlook Task
    4. To see your tasks in Outlook 
    5. To see your tasks on the calendar
    6. Using Tags to categorise your notes
    7. Commonly used Tags
    8. Tags for Research 
    9. Project Communication and Delivery Tags
    10. Modify a tag
    11. Click on Customize Tags at the bottom of the Tag Gallery (1)
    12. Create a tag
    13. Search by Tag 
    14. Change where to search and what to search for
    15. Summarise tagged notes
  18. Adding Webpages to OneNote
    1. Do your research 
    2. Method 1
    3. Method 2
  19. OneNote and Outlook
    1. Email
    2. Send Outlook email to OneNote
    3. Create Outlook Tasks
    4. Insert a meeting
    5. Create Meeting Notes when setting up the Meeting
    6. View and take meeting notes
    7. Read the notes taken
  20. Working with Excel 
    1. Insert a spreadsheet
    2. Insert an Excel Spreadsheet
    3. Insert an Existing Spreadsheet
  21. Page Design
    1. Change how the page looks
    2. Change the background colour of a page and add ruled lines
    3. Hide Page Title 
    4. Use Built in Templates 
    5. Set the default template 
    6. Create your own template
  22. Export to other formats 
    1. Send Notes to colleagues 
  23. Linked Notebooks 
    1. Add notes when working in other apps
    2. To start from OneNote 
    3. Take Linked Notes from an Application 
    4. Display the Ribbon in Linked Notes
    5. Information about Linked Notes 
  24. Search notebooks 
    1. Search all notebooks or the current page
    2. Search Current Page   
  25. Collaborate with others 
    1. Share using OneDrive or SharePoint
    2. Create a Notebook in OneDrive or SharePoint 
    3. Share a Notebook 
    4. Open a Shared Notebook 
    5. Share with a Meeting 
  26. Printing 
    1. Print and Print Preview 
    2. Print a Notebook
  27. Customise OneNote
    1. Customise the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar 
    2. To add icons to the Ribbon 
    3. The Quick Access Toolbar
    4. The ALT Key 
    5. Set print options 
    6. Save and Backup Options 
    7. Backup Notes
    8. Sync Settings 
  28. Keyboard shortcuts in OneNote for Windows – OneNote 2016
    1. Taking and formatting notes 
    2. Formatting notes
    3. Adding items to a page
    4. Selecting notes and objects
    5. Tagging notes 
    6. Using outlines 
    7. Specifying language settings
    8. Working with pages and side notes 
    9. Working with notebooks and sections 
    10. Searching notes 
    11. Sharing notes with other people 
    12. Sharing notes with other programs 
    13. Password-protecting sections 
  29. Index