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Managing your Meeting Mortals

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In general we attend 6 meeting types and encounter 15 personalities & private agendas.
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  1. Introduction 
  2. The ‘can’t be quiet’ 
  3. The diverter 
  4. The deflator 
  5. The coin flipper 
  6. The distractor 
  7. The combative 
  8. The ‘nice of you to join us’ 
  9. The ‘look at me’ 
  10. The whisperer 
  11. The quiet one 
  12. The free lunch 
  13. The picker 
  14. The rose tinted glasses 
  15. The joker 
  16. The fiddler 
  17. Summary 
  18. Appendix 
    1. Fogging technique 
    2. The difficult conversation formula 

A lot has been written on holding effective meetings. I’ve always been fascinated by the 15 common personalities and private agendas of those who attend meetings, and how you can actively deal with them. Being able to more efficiently recognise and manage these characters will result in more focused and beneficial meetings, which has to be a good thing, right?

In general you will find yourself going to 6 types of meetings:

  •  Team building
  •  Status updates
  •  Decision making
  •  Problem solving
  •  Innovation
  •  Information sharing

If we are going to have these meetings, let’s ensure they benefit all.

About the author

Sarah Simpson is a freelance trainer, lecturer, writer and the owner of Dragontooth Training and Consultancy. She is passionate about designing and delivering bespoke courses covering the public, private and third sector. She utilises the latest technology to produce creative and innovative deliveries that are set 'in the real world' that challenge and enable change in working practices.

She draws on extensive public and private sector experience to ensure individuals, teams and organisations gain optimal return on investment and see tangible workplace results.

Her clients include; Universities, The Fire and Rescue Service, The Police Force and County Councils. She has lectured at National and International conferences and has published several peer reviewed papers.