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Let’s Get to the Point of Personal Development

Time Management from Home, Personal Wellbeing & Focus

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This book puts forward the personal view of the author’s experiences and operational knowledge of Personal Development, incorporating Time Management at home, Personal Wellbeing and Focus.
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Personal Development is a vast area and this book begins by putting forward the personal view of the author’s experiences and operational knowledge on elements of this subject, incorporating Time Management at home, Personal Wellbeing and Focus.
These 4 areas have without a doubt become even more important in career management for all of us, during the pandemic and will play a major part in our lives for the immediate future and beyond.
The book will kick start our thought process on how to manage a whole new approach in our working lives, with a number of benefits clearly shown.

About the author

Paul is the joint owner of Peak Career Consulting and has over 15 years experience in career management, focusing in particular on how individuals of all industrial sectors, background ages and cultures market themselves to create the best possibilities of securing employment. As an associate he has also delivered numerous training sessions on employment initiatives and has supported the education arena too. Coming from a long term career in the financial world which incorporated client relationship management has brought added value to share with individual clients and groups.

  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction to Personal Development
  3. Who initiates, is involved with Personal Development and can this be measured?
  4. What are the benefits?
  5. Introduction to Time Management
  6. Does Time Management matter at home if working or not?
  7. What does good Time Management look like?
  8. What are the benefits?
  9. Introduction to Personal Wellbeing
  10. How do we begin to understand how this affects our everyday lives and how can we improve our personal wellbeing?
  11. What are the benefits of maintaining and controlling Personal Wellbeing?
  12. Introduction to the area of Focus
  13. Can we improve this and how?
  14. How do we retain it?
  15. What are the benefits?
  16. Finally

Paul Brisk

Paul H Brisk started his career in December 1969 in Leeds, as a junior clerk for the Halifax Building Society in the United Kingdom, this was the biggest Society in the world and remained so until it changed its mutual status to Halifax plc in 1997.

In a career of 31 years he undertook various positions, securing his first step in management by 1976. Promotions at that time took him to a number of different locations throughout the country, where he held Managerial positions in the retail arm of the business, together with a period of time specialising in the area Lending Operations and headed up a unit in the disposing of repossession properties in the North of England and Scotland.

Paul’s last role at the Halifax saw him returning to his home town of Leeds to take up a role as a member of the Senior Management Team in a pioneering Business Centre using the latest workflow and imaging technology. He remained there until September 2000.

After a long and established career, he took some time off to take stock of his life and decide on the future. An opportunity arose the following year to join a leading Solicitor’s practice as their Customer Relations Manager which included a wide range of responsibilities including the day to day running of a Call Centre.

In early 2003, Paul took the bold step of leaving the practice and travelled to Vancouver Island in Canada to stay with close friends and to research and then formulate plans to set up a career consultancy business to support and guide others in the area of job searching.

In January 2004, Peak Career Consulting was launched and is now run as a family business with his wife Kathy.

Peak Career Consulting offers a full range of services to individuals of all ages and industrial backgrounds maximising the job searching techniques of today, playing a key role in showing clients how to market themselves in a professional manner.

The unique feature of the business is that work with individuals is carried out in their own home, on any day and any time to suit their needs. The benefits from feedback received are that they feel more comfortable in their own environment, which in overall terms provides a more relaxed atmosphere and allows fruitful discussion to take place.

In addition to working with individual clients, Peak has also undertaken work with employability projects where groups of individuals have attended a job searching workshop. They have also provided support in the Education Arena on a local level. Key clients have included both the University of Leeds and the University of Bradford.

In early 2012, Paul was delighted when bookboon published his first book entitled “Creating your CV as a self marketing tool”. Download this book to enable you to have a key tool to maximise your job searching.