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Learn Calculus 2 on Your Mobile Device

Live-streamed YouTube Classes with Dr Chris Tisdell

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Learn Calculus 2 on Your Mobile DeviceLearn calculus on your mobile device! This ebook integrates text with online video to enable learning anywhere, anytime on smart phones, tablets and laptops.
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Learn calculus on your mobile device! This ebook integrates text with online video to enable learning anywhere, anytime on smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Join passionate digital teacher and best-selling author Chris Tisdell for a unique educational journey involving fun and engaging YouTube videos to be used in conjunction with this calculus text.  

Special features include:-

  • Open learning design
  • Multimodal learning format
  • Live–streaming presentations
  • Active learning spaces
  • Optimization for mobile devices.

This ebook is a must for anyone taking a second course in calculus. 

  1. Functions of Two Variables 
    1. Partial Derivatives 
    2. Second Order Partial Derivatives 
    3. Chain Rule for Partial Derivatives 
    4. Error Estimation 
    5. Normal Vector and Tangent Plane 
  2. Techniques of Integration 
    1. Integration by Substitution 
    2. Integrals of Trigonometric Powers 
    3. Integral of an Odd Powers of Cosine 
    4. Reduction Formula for Integrals 
    5. Integration With Irreducible Denominators 1
    6. Integration With Irreducible Denominators 2
    7. Integration by Partial Fractions 
  3. First Order Ordinary Differential Equations 
    1. Separable Equations 1
    2. Separable Equations 2
    3. Linear First Order Equations 1
    4. Linear First Order Equations 2
    5. Exact First Order Equations 
  4. Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations 
    1. Real and Unequal Roots 
    2. Real and Equal Roots 
    3. Complex Roots 
    4. Inhomogenous Problem 
  5. Sequences and Series of Constants 
    1. Basic Limits of Sequences 
    2. Limits via the Squeeze Theorem 
    3. Telescoping Series 
    4. The Integral Test for Series 
    5. The Comparison Test for Series 
    6. The Ratio Test for Series 
    7. The Alternating Series Test 
  6. Power Series 
    1. Power Series and the Interval of Convergence 
    2. Computing Maclaurin Polynomials 
    3. Applications of Maclaurin Series 
  7. Applications of Integration 
    1. Computing Lengths of Curves 
    2. Finding Surface Areas by Integration 
    3. Finding Volumes by Integration

Christopher C. Tisdell

“With more than a million YouTube hits, Dr Chris Tisdell is the equivalent of a best-selling author or chart-topping musician. And the unlikely subject of this mass popularity? University mathematics.” [Sydney Morning Herald, 14/6/2012].

Chris Tisdell has been inspiring, motivating and engaging large mathematics classes at UNSW, Sydney for over a decade. His lectures are performance-like, with emphasis on contextualisation, clarity in presentation and a strong connection between student and teacher.

He blends the live experience with out-of-class learning, underpinned by flexibility, sharing and openness. Enabling this has been his creation, freely sharing and management of future-oriented online learning resources, known as Open Educational Resources (OER). They are designed to empower learners by granting them unlimited access to knowledge at a time, location and pace that suits their needs. This includes: hundreds of YouTube educational videos of his lectures and tutorials; an etextbook with each section strategically linked with his online videos; and live interactive classes streamed over the internet.

His approach has changed the way students learn mathematics, moving from a traditional closed classroom environment to an open, flexible and forward-looking learning model.

Indicators of esteem include: a prestigious educational partnership with Google; an etextbook with over 500,000 unique downloads; mathematics videos enjoying millions of hits from over 200 countries; a UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence; and 100% student satisfaction rating in teaching surveys across 15 different courses at UNSW over eight years.

Chris has been an educational consultant to The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and has advised the Chief Scientist of Australia on educational policy.