Juggling Kids and a Career

A Practical Guide for Working Mothers

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84 pages
Hands-on tips, excercises and inspiration to help and guide you, as a working mother, in your busy life.
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Об авторе

Nikolien is owner of Moms&More and helps working mothers towards a happy life. In such a way that mothers do that kind of work that makes them as happy as they can be, and at the same time keep a healthy harmony between work and life. Nikolien is mother of daughter Emilia (04-2011) and son Alessio


The moment you become a mother, or face an event that rocks your world, it has a direct effect on your family, your work, and on you. You are then faced with new challenges and possibilities.

When you enter a new phase in your life, what you want is to feel confident, and to juggle your new roles as efficiently as possible.

You also want to know what makes you really happy and to make choices, both personally and professionally, that really fit your and your family's needs and wishes.

This means that you need to come into action and get started with the themes that contribute to your wellbeing as a working mom.

This guide will give you insights into the areas that will boost your energy or that will drain you, the topics that will contribute to your growth, and the different elements in your life that need to be in better harmony with each other. The Life Wheels Model will help you with this journey.

Above all, you will receive hands-on tips, excercises and inspiration to help and guide you, as a working mother, in your busy life.

  1. Life-Changing Events
    1. Life Wheels
    2. Taking Stock
  2. Soul Searching
    1. Mission and Spirituality
    2. Identity
  3. Comfortable in Your Own Body
    1. The Physical Body
    2. Energetic Body
  4. Mind Matters
    1. Values and Convictions
    2. Knowledge and Skills
    3. Emotions
  5. Social Story
    1. Partner
    2. Family
    3. Relatives
    4. Network
  6. Material Girl
    1. Career
    2. Finances
    3. Physical Environment
  7. Develop Yourself
    1. Personal Growth
    2. Relaxation and Time
  8. Your Life Wheels in Harmony
    1. Exercise: Harmony Internal Life Wheel
    2. Exercise: Harmony Eternal Life Wheel
  9. Final Thoughts
This book is really helpful and what a woman needs to balance work-life and personal life as well as managing her career!
Very interesting and helpful!