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Is Talent Intelligence Emotional Intelligence?

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Success for your employee talent resides in mastering the requisite knowledge, skills and mastering the FEELINGS associated with the future successes sought personally and for the company.

“Emotion doesn’t belong in the workplace.” “Being emotional is unprofessional”We’ve heard these statements or the like over time. They in fact represent an antiquated view of reality and of intentional success. It’s the opposite that is actually true. All success begins with desire, and desire infers emotion. Positive emotional expression is of huge benefit to any organization, and to individual employees. In this module we examine why they are vital to an individual’s and a company’s extraordinary success and what you can do to create an impactful level of emotionality in the workplace.

About the Author

Sandy is Success Mindset Coach and Founder of RF Success Academy and The Unstoppable Success System. Taught and mentored by legendary Bob Proctor – the top success and prosperity teacher in the world – she teaches you how to create an accelerated pathway to success through a proven, simple and powerfully effective roadmap in an environment of support, hands-on guidance and accountability.

Sandy Rutherford