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Hybrid Working

A New Kind of Work Experience

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Hybrid Working has profoundly changed the way we work. What does that mean for individuals, managers, leaders, and HR? Get inspired and equipped as you embark on your own Hybrid Working journey.
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Hybrid Working is here to stay. Workforces around the world are clear: They want the flexibility to work from home as well as more personal connection with their co-workers. How can I find my most productive personal hybrid arrangement? How do leaders enable this shift while scaling up Hybrid Working in their businesses? How does Hybrid Working impact jobs, company cultures, and even industries? In this hands-on book we explore these and other questions with the help of research, models, real-life examples, and more to inspire and equip you as you embark on your own Hybrid Working journey.

About the Author

Thomas Zinsli has more than 20 years of Human Resources experience. He has held HR leadership roles at local, regional and global levels with leading companies in the financial services, fast-moving consumer goods, and sportswear industries. As HR Director he continues to partner with senior leaders on culture, organization and talent matters, as well as large change and transformation initiatives.Thomas earned his BSc in Business Economics at the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland and is an advocate for life-long learning.

  • About The Author
  • Introduction
  1. So, What’s All That Fuss About Hybrid Working?
    1. Looking Back: Life Before The Pandemic
    2. Different Forms Of Working (And Employee Experience)
    3. Hybrid@Scale: An Experiment That Has No End
    4. The Hybrid Paradox: One Size Does Not Fit All
    5. Insights From Chapter 1
  2. What Hybrid Working Could Mean For Me …
    1. … If I’m An Individual Contributor: Managing Personal Productivity
    2. … If I’m A People Manager: Engaging Your Team, With A Twist
    3. … If I’m An Executive: Getting Your Hybrid Model Right
    4. … If I’m An Hr Leader: Creating A Flexible Employee Experience
    5. Insights From Chapter 2
  3. Things Will Never Be The Same Again
    1. Why We Connect: Hybrid Meetings
    2. Where We Connect: Future Role Of The Office
    3. How We Connect: Digital Enablers
    4. When We Connect: Ever Changing Rules
    5. Insights From Chapter 3
  4. Cultural Evolution On Steroids
    1. It’s Complicated: Leaders’ Disconnect From Their Workforce
    2. A Sense Of Community: Inclusion And Belonging
    3. Breaking The Taboo: Let’s Talk About Mental Health
    4. Looking Ahead: Crisis As An Opportunity
    5. Insights From Chapter 4
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