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How to Write a Marketing Plan

An Integrated Multichannel Approach

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This book is a practical step by step guide that deals with the theory and the applied aspects of marketing planning.
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  • About the author
  • About this book
  1. What is a Marketing Plan?
  2. Why Is A Marketing Plan Important? 
  3. What is Integrated 
    1. Not all channels do the same job 
    2. Integrated means coordinated 
  4. Part I - The Digital Marketing Landscape 
    1. How Does Digital Marketing Work? 
    2. What Are the Elements of Contemporary Digital Marketing? 
    3. Traditional media 
  5. Part II - Creating Your Plan 
    1. Goals 
    2. Assets 
    3. Techniques 
    4. Metrics 
  6. Part III - Making Course Correction 
    1. Customer Feedback 
    2. Reader Feedback 
    3. Analytics 
  7. Conclusion 
  • Appendix 1 ; The classic Eight Step framework 
  • Appendix 2; Marketing Plan Media Worksheet

Having a Marketing Plan is key for business success; being able to write one is a core skill for anyone managing a business. This guide introduces and explains how to write an integrated multi-channel marketing plan and why such a plan is a vital asset to any business. This book is a practical step by step guide that deals with the theory and the applied aspects of marketing planning; including the diverse types of communications media now available to a business and how and why these need to be coordinated synergistically to enhance both brand and success!

About the author

Andrew Whalley is currently a Marketing Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London, where he concentrates on topics in Strategic and Digital Marketing, as well as mentoring less experienced colleagues. He is a teaching veteran of over 25 years with international experience in universities and executive education, as well as being a guest speaker and presenter. Prior to lecturing, Andrew was an officer in the British Army, after which he gained commercial experience as a consultant, director, interim manager and executive director, as well as co-running his own consultancy business. He holds six degrees, three masters and a DBA, alongside numerous professional and executive education qualifications.

Andrew Whalley