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How to Reduce NO SHOWS from Virtual Sales Meetings

32m 28s
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B2B sales experts discuss how to create better virtual meetings that motivate your prospects, clients and team members to attend.

Another one of your scheduled phone or virtual meetings result in a “no show”? As part of our Virtual Selling Series, in this episode we talk about tips you can use to considerably reduce the number of no shows and cancellations for phone appointments and virtual sales meetings. By the end of this episode, you will have learned how to motivate people to come to your meetings, whether they are your prospects or your clients and team members, as well as how create better virtual meetings overall.

About the authors

Robert J. Weese and Susan A. Enns are a team with an outstanding record of success with over 60 years of combined sales, management, and executive level B2B experience. Published authors and internationally renowned sales experts, they have helped countless clients drastically improve their sales results. And they achieved all that while selling virtually, working from home offices.

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