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Five Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

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Being an entrepreneur requires a skillset that not everyone has. In this Micro Talk, Peter gives his top 5 qualities that every entrepreneur should have.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Regardless if you want to start your own business or are entrepreneuring within a bigger organisation, entrepreneurs are a particular kind of people that like to work this way. That does not mean you cannot learn to be an entrepreneur though!
In this Micro Talk, Peter names his top 5 qualities that are required to start and run a successful business.
This top 5 also comes with the risks and downsides of each quality and of course Peter gives a number of examples from the way he runs his own businesses.

About the Author

Even before turning 40, Peter is already a veteran entrepreneur both on- and offline. After his degree in International Business Management he founded a Social Media Strategy consulting business riding the wave of early Social Media adoption in the 2000’s..
After a stint as Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Peter is now an Online Media Creator with various YouTube channels and Podcasts on his weekly roster.

Peter Doesburg

Peter started his entrepreneurial journey in the early 2000's riding the first wave of Social Media adoption. After a brief stint building Corporate Digital Infrastructure, Peter decided to focus on the human aspect as a Personal Trainer and life Coach. With the arrival of his children Peter became a stay-home-dad, which also led him to go back to his old roots and start an Online Content Creation business, making podcasts and YouTube videos as well as consulting a wide variety of businesses on how to best approach today's online media landscape.