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Expert Talk: How to Collaborate with Inspiration

Interview with Nick Williams

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Author, coach, consultant and community organiser Nick Williams helps leaders to find The Work We Were Born To Do. Increasingly, he sees himself as a collaborator... with inspiration.

Nick Williams, author of many books including The Work We Were Born To Do, is also a coach, consultant and community leader. Increasingly, he sees himself as a collaborator... with inspiration. Exploring his metaphors for the work he was born to do, in this interview he discovers that in his work coaching leaders, he sees himself as a kind of producer, helping people to work together to create a rich tapestry made up of a variety of individual strands. We get into archetypes, the nature of consciousness, universal energy... and how you can collaborate with somebody who died 23 centuries ago…

Judy Rees

Consultant Judy Rees helps groups and teams to develop creative collaborative dialogue. They learn to uncover and share the roots of their thinking by using a precision inquiry methodology, called Clean Language.

This process is unusual because it pays close attention to metaphor, the native language of the unconscious mind. Metaphor - comparing one kind of thing to another kind of thing - is so fundamental to the way we think that we rarely notice it, just as fish don’t notice the water they swim in. With Clean Language, as demonstrated in this podcast series, hidden metaphors become obvious, and can then be shared, enabling others to learn from them. 

In this series you’ll learn from successful collaborators about how they think about what they do, enabling you to “try on” their way of thinking for yourself.

Judy is the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds. She is based in London, UK.