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Essential Electrodynamics: Solutions

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This book contains solutions to problems at the end of each chapter of “Essential Electrodynamics”, also by Raymond Protheroe.
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This book contains solutions to problems at the end of each chapter of “Essential Electrodynamics”, also by Raymond Protheroe, which is available separately at and provides a concise introduction to this fundamental topic. Starting with Maxwell's equations and conservation laws, it takes a logical step-by-step progression through electromagnetic waves in empty space, dispersive media and in waveguides, and ends with radiation and scattering. The book goes into sufficient detail to explain the important concepts using clear explanations, numerous diagrams, examples and problems.

This book gives the solutions to the exercises at the end of each chapter of my book “Essential Electrodynamics” (also published by Ventus Publishing ApS). I recommend that you attempt a particular exercise after reading the relevant chapter, and before looking at the solutions published here.

Often there is more than one way to solve a problem, and obviously one should use any valid method that gets the result with the least effort. Usually this means looking for symmetry in the problem – for example from the information given can we say that from symmetry arguments the field we need to derive can only be pointing in a certain direction. If so, we only need to calculate the component of the field in that direction, or we may be able to use Gauss’ law or Ampère’s law to enable us to write down the result. In some of these exercise solutions the simplest route to the solution is deliberately not taken in order to illustrate other methods of solving a problem, but in these cases the simpler method is pointed out.

The solutions to the exercise problems for each chapter of “Essential Electrodynamics” are presented here in the corresponding chapters of “Essential Electrodynamics - Solutions”.

I hope you find these exercises useful. If you find typos or errors I would appreciate you letting me know. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome – please email them to me at

Raymond J. Protheroe

School of Chemistry & Physics, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, May 2013

  1. Electrodynamics and conservation laws
  2. Electromagnetic waves in empty space and linear dielectrics
  3. Electromagnetic waves in dispersive media
  4. Waveguides
  5. Radiation and scattering

Raymond John Protheroe

Raymond Protheroe obtained his PhD in 1978 from Durham University, U.K., for a thesis on simulation of showers of energetic sub-atomic particles in the atmosphere produced by high energy cosmic rays (the highest energy particles in nature). He then spent the next three years in the U.S. as a NAS/NRC Fellow at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center where he worked on the propagation and origin of cosmic rays. In 1983 Protheroe moved to the University of Adelaide in Australia on a Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship to work on cosmic rays and ground-based gamma-ray astronomy, and was appointed Associate Professor/Reader in 1998. He was elected Fellow of the RAS (1979), IoP (1984), AIP (1990), ASA (1996), and has been Vice-Chair of Commission C4 (Cosmic Rays) of the IUPAP (2002-2005) and a member of the IAU since 1986.

As an educator, Professor Protheroe has taught introductory physics, undergraduate courses in optics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, astrophysics and relativity and cosmology, and at honours (graduate level) classical electrodynamics and high energy astrophysics. An example of his commitment to fully understanding and explaining the physics being taught led to his writing a paper on a fundamental aspect of electromagnetism which was inconsistent between textbooks at the time (“The Transient Magnetic Field Outside an Infinite Solenoid” by R. J. Protheroe and D. Koks, 1996, American J. Physics, 64, 1389).

Dr Protheroe's research has ranged widely from topics such as cosmic ray acceleration, energetic particle interactions in terrestrial, astrophysical and cosmological environments to predicting fluxes of cosmic rays, radio to gamma-ray emission and/or neutrinos from pulsars, supernovae, supernova remnants, our Milky Way galaxy and active galactic nuclei. Together with radio-astronomer colleagues, he recently instigated projects using radio telescopes to do neutrino astronomy with large radio telescopes and the Moon as the neutrino target. Protheroe has given numerous invited talks at international conferences, been awarded prizes including the inaugural international Shakti P. Duggal Prize at the 19th International Cosmic Ray Conference held in La Jolla. Protheroe's research has led to well over 300 publications including more than 140 articles on his research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Lists of his publications can be found at:

Dr Protheroe's publications on SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System

Dr Protheroe's publications on INSPIRE