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Embracing a Culture Driven By Feedback

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We will uncover the What, the Why, & the How to embrace a culture driven by feedback. Practical application exercises are provided to build your muscle, as you embark on your cultural transformation.
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It can be hard to identify the right formula to create an environment where open and honest feedback and ideas come pouring in to your organization. In the book, Embracing a Culture Driven by Feedback, I address the What, the Why, and the How to embrace this type of culture. We talk about cultural characteristics around Connection and Community, as well as, the importance of cultivating your atmosphere with curiosity. Practical application exercises are provided to ensure you are putting into action the concepts and content to build your muscle before you embark on your cultural transformation.

About the author

Jen Renee’ Kirby is a freelance writer and entrepreneur based in the mid-west, who has spent over 13 years in the business world. Her key areas of focus include: consulting and developing leaders, teams, and organizations. She is a certified DiSC facilitator, Korn Ferry Leadership Coach, and Prosci Certified Change Management practitioner. She has her Master’s in Business Administration. 

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. The Heart Of A Feedback Culture
    1. The Foundation
    2. Cultural Characteristics
    3. Central Line
    4. Indentify Your Heart
  2. Why Embrace It?
    1. The Benefits
    2. Performance Impacts
    3. The Giver
    4. Assess Your Desire To Embrace It
  3. Trust, The ‘IT’ Factor
    1. Trust Builder
    2. Broken Pieces
    3. Evaluate Trust Levels
  4. Blurred Vision
    1. Blind Spots
    2. Blind Spot Removal
    3. Sustain 20/20 Vision
  5. Cultivate Your Atmosphere
    1. Atmospheric Changes
    2. Break It And Shake It
    3. Set Your People Free
  6. Spark It
    1. Light Up Your People
    2. Feedback Generation
    3. Idea Generator Session
  7. Feedback Integration
    1. Sustain Momentum
    2. Growing Pains
    3. Validate And Integrate
    4. Practice It
  8. Cultural Transformation
    1. Connect The Dots
    2. Map Your Strategy
    3. Executive Comprehensive Plan
  • Notes

Jen Renee' Kirby