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Controlling The Sale

The New Way To Win Customers, Deals & Profits On Your Terms

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Learn how to master your sales with easy to use control techniques. These are effective strategies to increase your sales and create better customer experiences.
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What is the latest and greatest in selling today? Everyone wants the quick fix for sales. How to make the best elevator pitch or how to create the best strategy for closing the deal. In this case, you are going to learn about controlling the sale. Selling is hard work and high performers continually tweak and adjust their craft over time. You will learn one of the most valuable (and often ignored) techniques in selling that will benefit both you, your company and your customers. Take control of your sales process and improve your performance.

About the Author

Aaron Jacobs is a professional sales trainer, coach, and consultant in the United States. His 20 plus years of experience is relatable to both new and veteran salespeople alike. He is the founder of Scorecard Sales and creator of the mobile app Scorecard used by salespeople to improve sales and sales efficiencies.

  • About the Author
  • Author’s Note
  1. Selling as a power exchange
    1. Why do so many salespeople struggle with controlling the sale?
    2. The expectation of control
    3. 5 Tips for Building Confidence
    4. Pushy vs Persistent
    5. Are you an order taker or an order maker?
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. What does it mean to control a sale?
    1. The customer code of ethics
    2. Why control works
    3. The 3 components of control
    4. Chapter Summary
  3. Your defensive sales strategy is hurting your sales
    1. Planting the seeds of doubt
    2. Stop defending your price
    3. Never lower your price until you ask twice
    4. Chapter Summary
  4. Sales objections create control
    1. Putting sales objections into perspective
    2. The 3 Truths About Sales Objections
    3. The Purchasing Equation
    4. Controlling The Objection
    5. Exercise Your Sales Muscles
    6. Chapter Summary
  5. The process for controlling a sales conversation
    1. A process for control
    2. A process always has a goal
    3. Map out your process
    4. Questions create control
    5. The listening/speaking ratio
    6. Customer Substance Investigation (CSI)
    7. Chapter Summary
  6. Beware of Sales Squirrels
    1. Don’t chase the squirrel
    2. The H.E.L.P. Method
    3. Mastering your pause
    4. Chapter Summary
  7. Close the deal or walk away
    1. Chapter Summary
  8. Will You Jump?
    1. The boy who wouldn’t swim
    2. Control Your Sales Wings
    3. Chapter Summary
  • Conclusion