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Closing the Sale

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Want to close more sales? Learn how to close confidently and at the right time.
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Everyone who sells wants to close more sales. Closing techniques have always been a major part of sales training courses. The problem is that a lot of these closing techniques don’t work. Before you close the customer has to be ready to buy. Closing is not about techniques. It is about confidence and timing. We need to be confident to ask for the order and the timing has to be right.

The biggest obstacles to closing are fear of rejection by the salesperson and fear of making a mistake by the buyer. This book gives good practical advice on how to close more sales confidently and at the right time.

This book has been written to help you become more successful in sales.

The author of this publication is Frank Atkinson, founder and Managing Director of the Sales Training Consultancy. His company has trained many thousands of salespeople throughout the world since it was formed in 1989.

As National Sales Training Director for BUPA Health Insurance, prior to setting up his company, Frank was responsible for training and developing one of the most successful sales teams in Europe.

The Sales Training Consultancy has one of the most visited sales training websites in the world. and his company has an impressive worldwide client list.

Frank employs a team of highly experienced trainers who train and develop salespeople in all industries to sell more and to sell more profitably. His courses are highly motivational and fun.

In this book Frank brings his wide range of experience and expertise into play giving simple, practical and tested advice on sales and selling.

  1. General principles of closing
    1. What closing is and how it fits into the sales process
    2. What prevents salespeople from closing
    3. Understanding how buyer behaviour affects closing
    4. Identifying and satisfying buying criteria
    5. The close as part of the sales structure
  2. Closing methods
    1. Nine closing techniques
    2. Body language and closing
    3. Presenting price
    4. Dealing with objections
    5. Cross selling and upselling
Good book and a sword for every sales person.
Really enjoyed this e-book! I totally agree that closing the sale requires timing and a lot of confidence (based from my experience). Well now, I feel more positive about getting more.

Frank Atkinson