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Getting by, getting on or getting ahead?

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So how do you take control of your career? For many of us, a career feels like something that happens to us, and we simply get by.
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So how do you take control of your career? For many of us, a career feels like something that happens to us, and we simply get by. But there are techniques you can apply to help you do more than just get by. You can get on and get ahead! How? This e-guide is packed with tips, advice and some great stories to help you find success in your career. In fact, it will help you to start Careering Ahead!

Most suveys into what employers want in their staff would result in a similar list. Employers are looking for people who are good at:

• Teamwork

• Communication

• Self-motivation

• Planning and organising

• Problem solving

• Decision making

• Time management and prioritising

• Flexibility and adaptability

• Willingness to learn

• Interpersonal and negotiating skills

Many people think the key to shaping a career is in developing skills that others value. This is important but it’s only part of the story. You should always remember that your career is just that, yours. This e-book will help you to think differently about what it takes to develop a successful career. It’s a collection of helpful hints, practical ideas, and insightful thought-provokers. Take some time to think differently about what work means to you, both now and in the future. Then think about how to get your career careering ahead!

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Getting by, getting on and getting ahead
    1. Three career paths: getting by, getting on and getting ahead
    2. Social Capital
    3. Careers in stages
    4. Personal Investment? You’re Worth It
  4. Making a success of your career
    1. Defining success differently
    2. Enduring success
    3. Enthusiasm
  5. Career builders: building your own education
    1. Compelling insights: think about it!
    2. Significant conversations: talk about it!
    3. Putting learning to work: try it!
  6. How do you define your work?
    1. Crafting a calling
    2. How do you see your work?
    3. Can you make your work more like a calling?
    4. Leaving a legacy
  7. Do what you love
    1. The happy work-cycle
    2. Do what you love
    3. Do more of what you love
    4. Learn to love what you do
    5. Learn to live with what you do
    6. Leave what you do
  8. Career change advice: make your interview questions count!
  9. Dealing with job loss
    1. Plan A – dealing with job loss
  10. Begin with the end in mind
    1. The idle fisherman – a pleasant life
    2. Defining success more broadly
    3. Remember who you work for
  11. What next?
  12. Further reading
For me this is very inspiring. I actually shared this to my friends who feel like they are having a career-crisis. It's more like an eye opener.
An excellent collection of different career building tips. Well worth the read, thank you!

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Apex Leadership Limited was founded by Anthony Sturgess and Phil Higson. They have a long track record of developing innovative and challenging management and leadership development interventions, including programmes which have won national awards. From several MBA programmes to tailored, client specific programmes, Anthony and Phil have worked with new and experienced managers, in a wide range of organisations, across a breadth of management and leadership roles. Anthony Sturgess has almost twenty years experience in the teaching, facilitation and coaching of managers and leaders. This experience ranges from individual leadership and management development to leading organisational change.

Anthony has worked with a wide range of managers from small and large organisations. More widely, he has worked within client organisations, using an internal consultancy approach to create tailored development solutions and programmes. These have supported numerous public and private sector organisations to successfully develop their managers, to achieve effective change, and to realise genuine organisational improvements.

Phil Higson is a published author and active researcher, with over 25 years experience in business and management education as lecturer, course developer, manager, external examiner and consultant. He has worked mainly in UK universities although he has also consulted or taught in France, Russia and Hong Kong.

A former MBA course leader, Phil has also written research articles and conference papers exploring the role of business schools in workplace management development. Before becoming an educator, Phil worked in several small and large organisations, in both the UK and Australia.

This combination of management experience in small and large organisations, in both private and public sectors, has given Phil a wide ranging perspective on work and management. Phil has authored or created numerous training and development tools and is experienced in managing large projects to support management and leadership development in a range of organisations.

Or you can visit the major online resource developed by Apex Leadership at: The Happy Manager helping you find a better way to manage.