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Building a Professional Network Using LinkedIn

A Focused & Meaningful LinkedIn Network is a Powerful Tool

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This book provides guidance for building a useful LinkedIn Network. We share the best practices and tactics of using LinkedIn Search, Invites, and messaging you will use when connecting on LinkedIn.
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Your LinkedIn Network could become a powerful business tool. In this book, we introduce you to the power of LinkedIn Search tools and unique ways to get introduced to or bump into relevant LinkedIn Members prior to inviting them to connect. We will also share with you the best practices and steps of immediately engaging on LinkedIn with new connections. These next steps are critical when you are working to build a professional relationship with your LinkedIn Network in order to create business or career benefits.

About the Author

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach. Since late 2009 Teddy Burriss has been using his Sandler Sales Training, Dale Carnegie Coaching, DDI Leadership Facilitator skills, Social Media Strategist Certification, and over 25 years of networking experiences to guide business professionals in the best practices of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. Teddy has trained 1000s of business professionals on the power of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool and helps sales teams large and small across the globe.

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  1. LinkedIn Networking for Business Success
  2. Using LinkedIn Search
  3. Finding People on LinkedIn
    1. #1 Use the LinkedIn Search Box (possible CUL impact)
    2. # 2: Peruse Your LinkedIn 1st Level Network’s Connections (CUL impact)
    3. # 3: Discover LinkedIn Members in your Groups
    4. # 4: Search a Company’s Employee Listing (CUL impact)
    5. # 5: Use the Search Filters(CUL impact)
    6. # 6: LinkedIn’s Recommended for you
  4. Getting Introduced to a LinkedIn Member
  5. Sending LinkedIn Invitations
  6. Manage all LinkedIn Invitations
  7. Bulk LinkedIn Invitations
  8. Accepting LinkedIn Invitations
  9. Evaluating a LinkedIn Connection Request
  10. Initial Engagement After Connecting on LinkedIn
  11. PSA: Pay Serious Attention
  12. Connect Regularly
  13. My Business Card Process
  14. Summary
  15. Connect with Us
  16. Addendum #1
  17. Addendum #2