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Better Your Sales With This One Tip

6m 43s
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Jay explains the importance of being confident when you are negotiating. He also discusses different strategies that you can use to help build your confidence up when you need to negotiate.


  • It’s good to get a mentor earlier on to help you with your business and career

  • You’ve got to be confident when you negotiate because if you don’t then you’ve already lost the battle. Even if someone gets that feeling that you’re not confident then you are likely not to win the deal.

  • The key thing to being confident is preparation. Spend the night before looking at your figures, presentation and skills.

  • Go through your presentation and make sure you’ve done the research and have your figures correct.

  • In the car on the way their roll plays the scenario and keep practising it. You can book out some time with whoever is doing the pitch and be the worst type of client so that they’re completely ready.

  • When you get into the actual pitch, walk in confidently and look confident.

  • Research and put time into knowing your client because it’s likely they’ll value you for doing that. The more research you do, the better you’ll get at it.