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Jannick B. Pedersen
  • Страна: Denmark
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Jannick B. Pedersen has spent the last six years studying, speaking and writing about exponential technologies and their impact on our future. He is an Alumni of Singularity University and Chairman and Co-founder of DareDisrupt – a consultancy dedicated to “empower a million minds”. Jannick believes that the future will offer more wealth and opportunity than ever before in human history.

To benefit from these opportunities, you should that you disrupt yourself, before someone else does.

Jannick B. Pedersen has had multiple careers – in research, the United Nations, large companies and entrepreneurship. He is currently focusing on impact investing – and has so far invested in more than 70 start-ups.

His passion is to help release the potential of individuals and organizations to create greater impact and results through innovation, leadership and strategy development. His experience includes a wide range of organizations from the United Nations and research organizations to small and large non-profit and for-profit organizations. He has founded, funded and run companies impacting job creation and competence development for thousands of people in more than 30 developed, emerging and developing countries.

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